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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with G)

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Christian Song Titles "G" Search Results (200-250)
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Give Me Back My Sandwich  - Five Iron Frenzy

Give Me Back My Sandwich! . . .

Give Me Jesus  - Leigh Nash

In the morning, when I rise In the morning, when I rise In the morning, when I rise Give me Jesus Chorus: Give me Jesus Give me Jesus You can have all this world But give me Jesus When I am alone When I am alone When I . . .
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If I could be all thingsTo all men everywhereIf I could pray ferventlyPray up that power to spareAnd if I had more hopeThan all those who came beforeAnd could memorize if God be for meWho could be against meIf I could s . . .
DC Talk   |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Give Me My Flowers  - UNKNOWN

Slim & The Supreme Angels - Give Me My FlowersGive Me My Flowers(recorded by Rev. James Cleveland, The Consolers, and Slim & The Supreme Angels)GIVE ME MY FLOWERSWHILE I YET LIVESO THAT I, I, I CAN SEE THE BEAUTYTHAT THE . . .
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Give Me My Flowers  - Youth For Christ

Give Me My Flowers(recorded by Rev. James Cleveland, The Consolers, and Slim & The Supreme Angels)GIVE ME MY FLOWERSWHILE I YET LIVESO THAT I, I, I CAN SEE THE BEAUTYTHAT THEY BRINGFRIENDS AND LOVED ONESMAY GIVE ME FLOW . . .

Give Me One Reason  - Leigh Nash

(Words and music by Jason Upton)I lived my life for a while,Asking for signs to believe inGod played defense in my trial,Quietly hanging there bleedingWhile I cast lots for his robe,While I point my bloody fingerHe pays . . .
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Give Me One Reason  - Lynn Baird

Give me one reason to live without Him Give me one reason to walk away I know you don't understand this feeling How can I show That He is the reason I have to let you go I've tried so hard to change your mind I always th . . .
Lynn Baird  |  View Lyrics

Give Me Your Hand  - Ray Boltz

I was climbing up a mountain Headed for the top My feet started sliding And I almost fell off I landed on a rocky ledge Suspended in the air And I cried out in despair I said, Is anybody out there? Anybody there at all? . . .
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Give My Life Away  - Deitrick Haddon

I'm gonna give my life awayExpect nothing in returnIf that's the price that I must payThat's the lesson I will learnWith every breath I takeI'll take Jesus at His wordI'm gonna give my life away. . . .
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Give Myself Away  - Rebecca St James

I can't stay here anymore There's no time for me to hide away Waste another day But You oh Lord I can't ignore Or the chance to know that I can change Before it's too late CHORUS: Here and now-I lay it all . . .

Give Thanks  - Norman Hutchins

Give thanks with a grateful heartgive thanks to the holy onegive thanks for he has givenjesus christ his sonand now let the weak say i am stronglet the poor say i am richbecause of what the lord has done for usgive thank . . .
Norman Hutchins  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Give Thanks  - Radio Angels

Give thanks with a grateful heartGive thanks to the Holy OneGive thanks for Has has givenJesus Christ His son(repeat)And now, let the weak say I am strongLet the poor say I am richBecause of what the Lord has done, for . . .
Radio Angels  |  View Lyrics

Give to Caesar  - Alove For Enemies

I've seen your corporation send so many to their gravesAll for a profit that is used to continue the killingYou kill themNight for night, shot for shot, your only goal is murderYou shut it out, you drown it,You try to hi . . .

Give Up The War  - Starflyer 59

I read what they writeGod's men of beforeIt's simply that I am still afraidTo give up the warI've played all the chordsAnd I guess I get boredI want to do it rightBe someone like PaulIt's simply that he was not afraidHe . . .
Starflyer 59  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Give Us A Treble  - Fine China

I'm going to the house again to reunite with wife and kids.Back with my family is where I want to be.These never treat me wrong, when I get home I'm writing songs.About the way things used to be.Give us treble for the go . . .
Fine China  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Give Us Clean Hands  - Kierra Sheard

We bow our Hearts We bend our knees Oh Spirit come make us humble We turn our eyes from evil things And Oh Lord we cast out our idols So give us clean hands Give us pure hearts Let us not lift our souls to another Give . . .
Kierra Sheard  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Give Way  - Jacks Of All Trades

This is a Jack-attackComing down like an avalancheIf you ain`t standing on my sideYou`re standing on my wayAs you`re standing on my wayYou better make wayDeath around the corner and we try to hideYou made your moves now . . .
Jacks Of All Trades  |  View Lyrics

Give What You've Got  - Michael Sweet

This song features:Tony Palacios from Guardian on guitars, Jamie Wollam on drums,& Baba Elephante on bassI see this guy over here who cares more about the car he drivesAnd this girl over there she cares more about her di . . .
Michael Sweet  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Give You Everything  - Phat Chance

It's been a hard time I said, a hard time here without You I try it my way But when I try it my way it doesn't work well I need to run back Back into, back into the place where Where I was Where You'll take . . .
Phat Chance  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Give You More  - True Vibe

Those who live up in the Heavens And those who live down in the deepest place on earth Will hear Your name Will know Your fame All creation will look up and know that CHORUS: You, Only You Can lead us to Your awesome ma . . .
True Vibe  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Give Your Heart Away  - Rachael Lampa

Ooh... Do you think That your time on Earth will never fade? In the blink Of an eye, you may be swept away. This is true; Make the most of ev’ry moment that is given you… To hold onto. So, give . . .
Rachael Lampa  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Give Your Life  - Barren Cross

The bible says in black and in redTo turn from sin and let Christ inLove, happiness and peace eternally,All these things can be yours - for free(Chorus)Give your life to Jesus - He'll forgive your sinsGive your life to J . . .
Barren Cross  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Give Yourself Away  - The Corbans

Holy is a tough word In the vocab of man To separate ourselves From the jaws of sin Wise is the man That fears the great I AM I'm called to serve my God I'm called to serve my Lord Should I rouse myself to this Unsulli . . .
The Corbans  |  View Lyrics

Given So Freely  - Shop 11 Phoenix

All I can think of is how much you hurt meFilled up with nothing got nothing to sayDon't feel like talkingSo please just stop trying friendship.Meant nothing to you I can seeHide in the dark from the light,safe on my own . . .
Shop 11 Phoenix  |  View Lyrics

Giver Of Life  - Ethereal Scourge

rise upmy soultake flightaccelerateby grace brought homei will abide with youat your thronei will commune with youlord now show your facei give praise to youthe feast it waitsi will fellowship with youthe christ will rei . . .
Ethereal Scourge  |  View Lyrics

By the way you brought me here, it makes believe the best is yet to come and I don't want to leave. Forgive my hesitation but I'm learning to trust in you. Help me to dream these dreams because I don't have a clue.
Mae  |  View Lyrics

Giving It Over  - Kim Burrell

I was a teen flat-liner on the joy screen Dead in the water of life as we knew You offered me drink, I wanted more than a sip But I couldn't let go of the straws I was clinging to Giving it over, giving it over I was fl . . .
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