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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with G)

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Christian Song Titles "G" Search Results (700-750)
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God's Here  - Aaron Benward

Say don't you think We make things too complicated What, what if, what if all All we ever needed to know Is we are not alone God's here Watching us all He's near Right where we are So close your eyes And . . .
Aaron Benward  |  View Lyrics

God's Here  - Kim Burrell

Say don't you thinkWe make things too complicatedWhat, what if, what if allAll we ever needed to knowIs we are not aloneGod's hereWatching us allHe's nearRight where we areSo close your eyesAnd let all your doubts disap . . .
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God's Love  - Noiz

Noiz  |  View Lyrics

God's Mercy  - Juanita Bynum

God's Mercyby Wilmington Chester Mass Choirfrom CD: Stand Still (Until His Will Is Clear)written by Carol AntromHis mercyGod's mercyWhen I think of what I've done todayThat I should not have done todayWhen I think of wha . . .
Juanita Bynum  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

God's Not Dead  - Officer Negative

You walk around in disbelief and think He's not real And even if he came and died for you it's no big deal Cause you don't wanna know the truth no you don't really care You just want to ignore the fact that God is even t . . .

It's obvious what the world wantsTo wipe away God's fingerprints in all his intellectTo know divine authority existNo accountability or reason to repentMan is not thankful in their futilityThey imagine themselves to be w . . .
Bride  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

God's Romance  - Delirious

There's a song that everyone can singThere's a prayer that everyone can bringFeel the music cos it's time to dancePeople all across the worldWith a heartbeat for holinessFeel his pleasureWe are God's romanceHear the soun . . .
Delirious  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

GodShaped Hole  - Plumb

Every point of view has another angleAnd every angle has it's meritBut it all comes down to faithThat's the way I see itYou can say that love is not divine andYou can say that life is not eternalAll we have is nowBut I d . . .
Plumb  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Godarchy  - One Bad Pig

Chorus:Tell me what you believeJesus or anarchyWho are you gonna be?Let´s live for GodarchyYou call it truth - it´s only smokeAre you for real? is this a joke?Marx and Lenin are your thingWhere will you be when Chr . . .
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Goddess And The Geek  - The Huntingtons

i don't know much about anythingbut i know that i like youi see you walking down the hallbut i don't know what to docause i wanna talk to youbut i don't know what to sayi just don't know what you'll thinkyou look so cool . . .
The Huntingtons  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Godjudge  - Crashdog

this joy i hold, do i deserve it?is this pain she wears a punishment?long life of the wicked, irony of it allwhy did you close your ears to their helpless call?life is more than retributionthough absolutely there is righ . . .
Crashdog  |  View Lyrics

Godpleaser  - Petra

So many voices telling me which way to go So many choices come from those who think they know There's a way that seems right to a man But it only brings him death I wanna go the way that leads to life Till I draw my dyin . . .
Petra  |  View Lyrics

Godray  - The Myriad

Quiet, this hour, its fading, the glory that was once here is gone now, Its over, its over Im pulling away, these godrays are fading Breathe slow, reach high, trust but verify Your glory branded on my hands. Its fading, . . .
The Myriad  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Godsend  - Natalie Wilson

Hoping, praying, I've been waiting Everybody needs somebody to love There's no question, straight from heaven You're my angel, I'm so crazy for you You're a Godsend A blessing from above You've been God-sent to me You'r . . .
Natalie Wilson   |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Godspeed  - Mortal

My faith my grief my fear my bloodMy trust my flesh my hate my loveThese bones my skill this skin my pityMy time - it shells the fate upon meYour turn your twist foresight and acumenYour will your wish your primacyMy val . . .
Mortal  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

My faith my grief my fear my bloodMy trust my flesh my hate my loveThese bones my skill this skin my pityMy time - it shells the fate upon meYour turn your twist foresight and acumenYour will your wish your primacyMy val . . .
Mortal  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Godspot  - Juanita Bynum

Began a new life Found a love of your own Got someone by your side Now you don't have to be alone But you find yourself in need of more than what they can give And it's taking all your strength within to get them to unde . . .
Juanita Bynum  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Gog: The Kings Of The North  - Saviour Machine

Son of man, set thy face against him, Oh Gog, Oh Gog.I will put hooks into your jaws and bring you forth.I will bring you forth and your armies to be devoured.Oh Gog, Oh Gog.Oh Gog, I am against you.Oh Gog, Die in this t . . .
Saviour Machine  |  View Lyrics

Goin' All the Way  - Ken Tamplin

I hear the talk, all those that mock what I believeBelieve a lie unsatisfied, too shallow to percieveIt's all the same old song and danceExplain it with a riddle and rhymeClaiming life is up to chance, would do anything . . .
Ken Tamplin  |  View Lyrics

Going Blind  - Craigs Brother

She's on a beach in Maui her breasts are half uncoveredI try to stop myself from staring at her but I'm drawn like Dagwood to sleepThe lawn may need mowing but still I can't prevent my thoughts From becoming obscene so I . . .
Craigs Brother  |  View Lyrics

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