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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with C)

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Christian Song Titles "C" Search Results (250-300)
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Captured - Jason Nelson

Psalm 73:25; 89:6-8, Isaiah 40:25-26Jeni Varnadeau, George MarinelliSally got a brand new dollyBobby got a bright red bikeWide-eyed they were so excitedThey couldn't get to sleep that nightNext day they went out to play . . .
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Captured - Kim Burrell

I have to tell YouI'm captured insideYou shaped my worldBrought me to lifeYou're my freedomYou gave me my wingsTo fly so highI see heavenYou have opened my eyesI feel forever'Cause Your heart is close to mineThe moment . . .
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Captured - Lynn Baird

Words by Darlene Zschech & Kathy SorensonMusic by Darlene Zschech & David HolmesHere I stand my heart is crying out for youI will wait, I will loveI look to you in the sanctuaryDrinking deep from your holy fountainYou've . . .
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Captured - New Direction

(Bernie Herms, Rob Graves, Jason McArthur) This song is the kind of music I always wanted to make but never have. It has a driving, modern rock sound that just grabs you. But then, underneath all that, is a really great . . .
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Captured - Youth For Christ

I heard your echo in the canyon Upon the timberline You said these mountains were your invention And so was this heart of mine I heard you whisper on the water, There on the mighty sea You spoke of love deep as the ocea . . .
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Car  - Five Iron Frenzy

Imagine you held so tight your best friend left him to fly and never could reach him Standing at the peak where two waves meet Are you just behind the other side of music? Peering like a flower never taught to grow Someo . . .
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Car vs Semi: Semi Wins Every Time  - Roadside Monument

move at 70 my timber heartless a tire one roll aortasnap were there present atdeparture and taken home . . .
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Car Cont  - The Choir

spoken verse are by Marc SercomeBuckeye Dan Michaels(from Akron, Ohio) offers commentary . . .
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Car Etc  - The Choir

It's not a bad car that I drive Barely well but still alive You might laugh when I arrive It's not a bad car that I driveIt's not a cold couch where I sleep Not as hard as it was cheap Seven foot long, two feet deep It's . . .
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Say goodbyeIt's no lifeWe never realizedWhere we've beenSad endsWe never realizedCard games and old friendsAlways no sad endsCard games and old friendsYou mess it upNo surpriseDifferent livesExpress the world on timeSad . . .
Starflyer 59  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Career  - Crashdog

hey there missy what's that on your mind? i see you tossed out all your papers and gotten out of line you wanna throw your life away looking for a sign think of all you're risking just to have a spine (chorus) they talk, . . .
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Carelessness  - Ricky Dillard

Carelessness something Ive read about In a magazine in a Journal of Medicine for fever and rapid heart For the younger set giving life a start All the pain in dissent All the freedom to climb A thousand wishes Ive misse . . .
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Caribbean Dream  - Bryan Duncan

...It doesn't matter to me, hey! I'm in the Caribbean (I'm in no hurry, yeah) Oh, in my Caribbean Dream Picture me just lyin' in the sun Withthe radio on If nothin' has to get done Yeah, this reggae music is fun R . . .
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Carmenita  - Undercover

She's going to CarmenitaTo find the peace that she's in need ofShe's going, she'll never leave thereI know there's no one like herI don't want to live without herI'm going, I'll never leave herShe's the girl I wantShe's . . .
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Carmi Times  - Side Walk Slam

It's 6am, Mainstreet Cafe's open now Hit the tower, rocked out Walked the streets till we could walk no more Sat outside the school, talked our problems down to size That time just flew by Chorus: These are the days I ca . . .
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Carniça  - Antidemon

[Mt 23:27 / Jo 10:10]Carniça!Urubus anseiamPor carniçaCarniça humanaDegeneradaPelo pecadoE pelo malNão sobrará nadaAlma penadaVem pra CristoOu então sofrerásSepultado vivoArrependei-vosRegenerai-vosS . . .
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Carnival - Kierra Sheard

Oh, this is a thing called skaMove over Satan, I'm a God blessed sinnerTry chewing on the bread of life, that's what's for dinnerI gotta stand my ground, gotta hold the fortGotta pray hard because life's too shortSpirit . . .
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Carnival - The Awakening

The Carnival has just left townThe sideshow horroron a switchblade circuit frownShe's in the back of the yellow vanFinding a new plate of tricksin the master's handThe Carnival hast just left townThe High-road High-lifeb . . .
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Carnival Chair  - Embodyment

prey your eyes from the deformity God make them seelaughter ringing in my head God make them seei am not weak (if our spirits were meant to walk)i am weak (which one of you would take this chair)you wouldn'twhy do you ke . . .
Embodyment  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Carnival Of Souls  - Saviour Machine

The crucifixion of my brainAs I wait for youInto the fields, I've lost my wayI've opened veins just for the dayAs I wait for YouThe thoughts that linger in my headThey cry out for the deadCall my name, call my nameInto t . . .
Saviour Machine  |  View Lyrics

Carolina Moon  - Glenn Kaiser Band

spanish moss is still in the heat of a carolina moondogs barkin' in the night, a lonely ladyslowly trails a broomher man is gone, an' the grass,well it ain't been mowed for dayswhen did those years full of song play outw . . .
Glenn Kaiser Band  |  View Lyrics

Carousal Chain  - Teramaze

Holy water is the resourceWhen there's dirt in a gutteral mindCan't afford another breakdown in this worldI must change my lifeDon't you know I can be found walking The streets aloneWalking in to nowhere, making nowhere . . .
Teramaze  |  View Lyrics

Carousel - Reality Check

in this world of make believemy eyes see what I want to seeI'm blinded with the simple liesso easily I justifythe sin that comes so naturallyis this all that I'll ever be?bring this madness to an enddon't let this cycle . . .
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Carousels  - mewithoutYou

On a bus ride into town, I wondered Why am I going to town?I looked around at th e billboards and the stores I thought,Why do I look around?so I got out and I bowed and kissed the filthy groundand in the first dry spot I . . .
mewithoutYou  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Carpe Diem  - 710 Split

Open your eyes, open your eyes. What does this mean to you? Your past mistakes means nothing to you, You don't care they are hand me downs you will not wear. Your name is your pride. You`re doing fine, well that is the l . . .
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Carpenteria  - Slick Shoes

When we were kidsWe always thought we'd stay best friendsBut now we're all grown upI never thought it'd be the way it is nowAll the time we had spent growing upNot knowing who to beNow I see that I know just how I should . . .
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Carried Away  - Fred Hammond

You're standing right behind meI feel you breathing down my neckI try to catch you, but you're gone You whisper words that draw me Into your web of influenceYour sweet illusion's like a song You say my name Like I'm the . . .
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Carried Away  - New Direction

You're standing right behind meI feel you breathing down my neckI try to catch you, but you're gone You whisper words that draw me Into your web of influenceYour sweet illusion's like a song You say my name Like I'm the . . .
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Carried Away  - Sonicflood

You are the open door to freedomYou are the only hope I haveThe reason in my reasonThe only thing that lastsHow could I begin to settleWhen all within me longsTo step into the shelterOf your everlasting armsI wanna get c . . .
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Carried To The Table  - Leeland

Wounded and forsaken I was shattered by the fall Broken and forgotten Feeling lost and all alone Summoned by the King Into the Masters courts Lifted by the Savior And cradled in His arms I was carried to the table Seated . . .
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Carry Me  - Hangnail

I'll step aside this time around.Open ears await a still and quiet voice.Not with the timing that I have.Ready to make any change required of me.When I can't see where this uncharted life of mine is going,all I ask is ca . . .
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Carry Me  - Kim Burrell

Verse 1You lead me here to Your courts Surround me with Your love I walk with You I do not fear Verse 2You carry me You are my strength I've learned to trust in You And once again I'm reaching out PRE-refrain:In this pl . . .
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Carry Me  - Rachael Lampa

Verse 1You lead me here to Your courts Surround me with Your love I walk with You I do not fear Verse 2You carry me You are my strength I've learned to trust in You And once again I'm reaching out PRE-refrain:In this pla . . .
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