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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with C)

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Christian Song Titles "C" Search Results (200-250)
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Can't Stop Praising - Hillsong

Try to find the words to express the way You are But the beauty of the Lord Can not be described In just one lifetime Look at the sun over the seas Look at Your grace that covers me Now I know, yes I know Now I know, I . . .
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Can't Take The Pain  - Third Day

No, I didn't see this one comingIt suddenly snuck up on meI can't say you didn't tell me soI can't say you didn't warn meI can't take the pain of knowing that I left YouI can't bear the shame of knowing I was wrongBut I' . . .
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Cancer Eater  - Zao

We give and take life from either side of the knife/with his stale bloody gloves. He reaches in/knowing death has a plan. Holds the filth in his hands/shuts the cellar door tight and makes his goodnight . . .
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Candice - Sinai Beach

She grabs me, takes me to the bed once more.I'm just a baby, but she's done it all before.Taken advantage of a two year old, raped his innocence.And what for? Power?Well I hope you got your score.You ruined me; my physic . . .
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Candlelight Girl  - Paul Colman

She's a candlelight girl you can set her aflame With a word from your tongue offering praise And she's close to me her love I put on Like a chain on my neck She's close to Mary Jesus is there But they don't talk about Hi . . .
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Candy Apple  - Teramaze

torn from the only thing i know broken off struggling to hold on burn me rip me tear me apart scalpel cuts and stabs digs in my lungs my face piece by piece limb by limb you refuse to listen todays society bends and tear . . .
Teramaze  |  View Lyrics

What is thisMass confusionThis crazy way we're livingThis emptiness we're passing outLike candycoatedwaterdropsI'm spilling out my thoughtsYou're spilling out your gutsAnd I can't help but stop and think thatIf the world . . .
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Cannabalized  - Franks Enemy

Put them in the jarsStomach will not turnWaste raw factory matterChewed instead of burnedThis is rageUsable resourcesThe trains will run on timeWith coal of placentaFood of the gods of the mindThis is rageToothpick bones . . .
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Cannibalized  - Franks Enemy

Put them in the jars Stomach will not turn Waste raw factory matter Chewed instead of burned This is rage Usable resources The trains will run on time With coal of placenta Food of the gods of the mind This is rage Tooth . . .
Franks Enemy  |  View Lyrics

CannonFire Orange  - Poor Old Lu

sailing awaytowards uncertaintiesuncertain seaschange todaytraveled to that landtook it all second handi fought for coverthen i ran, ran, ranfound a love colored me wholeno more cannon-fire orange,cannon-fire orange, can . . .
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Cannonball  - Five Iron Frenzy

Wind passes right through my skin as I fall down,this furious speed will only destroy me.Crippling and devastating momentum,approaching maximum velocity.And this is how it's going to be, the point of it all.'Cause this i . . .
Five Iron Frenzy  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Cannot Say Enough  - Rev John Flowers

Cannot Say EnoughWhat can we say to describe just a glimpse of Your glory How can our words portray but a thread of your majesty But still we praise our Savior In Spirit and in Truth For we cannot say enough about You Ha . . .
Rev John Flowers  |  View Lyrics

De las monta??al mar As?luye Tu amor en mi S??Tu sanidad ser?o que me hace revivir Mis manos a Ti alzar?eliz estoy que est?en m?e ti yo cantar?or Tu misericordia Cantar?e Tu amor por siempre [x4] Quiero delebrarte Y danz . . .
Delirious  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Cantaria sin parar Por lo que hiciste en mi Danzar?siempre Dios Por Tu gran amor Arde mi coraz??ara poder decir Que me has salvado Borraste mi pasado Se??quiero gritar As? todo lugar Si Tu estas por m?uien contra . . .
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Canto De La Creacio - Leigh Nash

Se viste ...l con la luz tal como ropa, Irradia los cielos y anda en las alas del viento; Hace fluir de los valles los manantiales; Las aves volando en el cielo, Alzando sus voces en cancion. Cantan gloria, gloria. Glor . . .
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Canto Del Camino  - Leigh Nash

Cuinto adoro estos caminos Lejanos y solos, Por valles y sierras Y un desierto incesante; Un cielo tan ancho Que calla mi corazon, Entonces escucho las voces De mis amigos. Uno viaja a mi lado con el viento, Otro con la . . .
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Capistrano  - The CafFiends

(v1) The world turns, time stands still Tides wash in, tides crawl out Lie awake, exhausted Sun comes up, lights go out (ch) never say a word to break the silence I Might, I Could; Not Say A Word Never say a word to brea . . .
The CafFiends  |  View Lyrics

Capitol - MxPx

When there's nowhere else to hide, When there's no one left to stand beside, When everthing seems wrong, I've been with you all along When what's left is all you really know, And nowhere's where you want to go Whe . . .
MxPx  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Captain - Plankeye

(Lyrics unarchived) . . .
Plankeye  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Captain's Chair  - Sanctus Real

Where did you go?How have you been?I'll be right here.Where did you go how have you been?Are you still my best friend?We've seen best of times,We've heard worst of lies,But here we still... Still we standWhere did you go . . .
Sanctus Real  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Captivate Us  - Leigh Nash

Your face is beautifulAnd Your eyes are like the starsYour gentle hands have healingThere inside the scarsYour loving arms they draw me nearAnd Your smile it brings me peaceDraw me closer oh my LordDraw me closer Lord t . . .
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Captivated  - Slow Coming Day

You're stealing my heart againThrough every single move you makeAnd conquer over me with every glance of your blue eyes.I am helpless for you.I am helpless for you.Hear the sound of my heartPounding in my chest for you.I . . .
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The promises he made were so realEverything I wanted he gave to meHis word was truth, he wanted the best for meHe fullfilled my life with his love So I walked through the black gate Giving birth to a new life full of all . . .
Melisend  |  View Lyrics

Captive State of Mind  - Betrayer

My body lies lifeless, my mind still awakeA shell of a man, a comatose stateEyes, glazed as ice, search for what is realAwakened to find I still sleep, all numbness I feelPre-chorusOh, what can release meFrom the walls i . . .
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Capture - Selah

CaptureWritten by Maurice Henderson and Lisa McClendonLet the worldCapture Your smile through mineLet the world Capture Your grace through mineAnd the worldCapture Your peace through mineCapture Your love through mineCa . . .
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Capture - Sleeping At Last

Your words are the blanketThat keeps me warmWhen the night is cold enough to break me.It is then that I can trust.In celebration of the air we breathe,We place all regrets aside.To capture this momentIs to let go of the . . .
Sleeping At Last  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

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