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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with C)

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Christian Song Titles "C" Search Results (750-800)
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Closer  - Jerry Washington

Closer(written by James Moss)(recorded by Kierra "KiKi" Sheard)Chorus:Can I get closer to You?Can I get closer and personal too?I need to know how to live more in the likeness of You,can I get closer, closer t . . .
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Closer  - Kurt Carr

When I came to You I said I would let everything goI just want to feel You againBut troubled times sometimes, try to hide Your light to shineI just want to feel You againNever have i, ever denied, all of the times that . . .
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Closer Than A Brother  - Point Of Recognition

To all I want in everything, everything I know is hallow,just when I needed you the most.Then I find out you could never be closer.Closer than a brother, struck down but not conquered.Fill me up Holy Spirit with your goo . . .

Closer Than My Sister  - Shop 11 Phoenix

I don't want you to be gone when I come backI want you to be here, especially when I am downand I'm out and I can't get no loveThat's why I come to you, that's why I come to youI am so sad I can't even explain itI want y . . .
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Closer To A Broken Heart  - Kim Burrell

Wes King/Kim HillIt'll be the last time this timeI'll never do it againIt'll be the last time I swearThen why am I crying againChorus'Cause I'm headed for a broken heartHeaded for a broken heartI can't slow downYes I'm . . .
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Closer To Closure  - Mourning September

Turn, turn tell meare you feeling closer to closureTurn, turn aroundbe honest with meIs it over?Burn baby burnThe bridges burn tonight.I can see the fire in your eyes.Time is running out.You better turn, you betterturn a . . .

Closer To God  - Kim Burrell

By Gary ArthurI have a song to share with you, about the things I've learnedThe Lord, He has been showing me, how much He is concernedThe things that I've been going through, have all been for the goodTo show me that I . . .
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The city of the dead is full of exhibitionistsDancing in the streets in their bonesThe hounds have the scent and they're on the trailChase them into the cave where darkness dwellsIf my sin remains I have chosen my godCho . . .
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I've chased my share of dreams Enough to know Some dreams are like stars For the moment out of reach but always there As shining lights to guide the heart And standing here I see Every road I ever traveled i . . .
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Closer To You  - Mark Schultz

[ Instrumental ] . . .
Mark Schultz  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Closer To Your Dreams  - Tony Vincent

she spends a lotta lonely days storing all her dreams away down deep she knows they may not see the light she paints the color of her room in the darkest shades of blue and never lets the mirror catch her eyes
Tony Vincent  |  View Lyrics

Closer Walk  - Rudolph McKissick

[Verse 1]There's none greaterNow or laterThis I knowLord of mercyLight my pathwayMake me whole[Chorus A]Just a closer walk with thee'Cause Your love will make the difference in meThere's no place I'd rather beThan benea . . .
Rudolph McKissick  |  View Lyrics

The Battles Over My Heart Moves OnI Kept My MouthWhile You Screamed And CriedAll The Lies, All The LiesThe Battle's OverMy Heart Moves OnStood And Took The ArrowsThat Cut Through My HeartI Stood Alone I Stood AloneYou B . . .
DC Talk   |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Closing Down  - Poor Old Lu

goodnightsleep tightthe sun is setand day is nightjust you restit's all alrightbut it's the sameday to daywhy can't Isleep this awaya headache(keeps me awake)my eyes are red(from trusting to much in me)I've got to pray(I . . .
Poor Old Lu  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Closing Remarks  - Sanctum

We're searching, high and lowFor something we've never seenWe look for signs along the wayNot really sure of what they meanSomeday we'll find the answerTo all our prayersThe dreams are part of our realityOur minds are co . . .
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Closure  - East West

We should of known it'd be like this,An upward struggle of falling down,We've taken comfort in loathing,It's where we used play anyway.What you can see is only half of who you are,What you can say is only half of what yo . . .
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Closure  - Rev John Flowers

ClosureBreathe, trust, bless Me and release Climb hard Never be seen Clothes off Rescue the brain Trust, bless me Two sided time Your reasons can't hurt Branch out behind The pain Closure has come to me and myself You wi . . .
Rev John Flowers  |  View Lyrics

Clothes  - BarlowGirl

Clothes aren't what they used to beThey don't seem to fit you and me, anymoreModesty is out the doorFlaunting what we've got and more is inYeah, it's in They're sayin'Don't ask why, just wear what we sayYou'll look like . . .
BarlowGirl  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Clothes  - Fred Hammond

Clothes aren't what they used to be They don't seem to fit you and me, anymore Modesty is out the door Flaunting what we've got and more is in Yeah, it's in They're sayin' "Don't ask why, just wear what we say You'l . . .
Fred Hammond  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Cloud Nine  - According To John

She got the boy He got the girl She was on cloud nine He was up on top of the world Puppy love They would lasso the moon together But he found another girl When she had their boy Anything for love He said . . .
According To John  |  View Lyrics

Cloud Of Witnesses  - Mark Schultz

We watched them runnin' down the aisles, Children's time, Sunday morning. The preacher asked them who they loved, They all smiled and started pointing to their mom, Their dad, The teacher from their kindergarten class; A . . .
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Clouded  - 38th Parallel

The blow's been dealt and taken its toll Listless I stumble like a drunk in the cold Questioning foundations of a hope I took for granted I feel my soul choked by the rope of a slanted view of reality (So it seems) maybe . . .
38th Parallel  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Co'mon Rock  - Stryper

[Verse 1]I was born to rock and I'll give it all I've got I'm sure these boys will say the same. We're rockin for the rock, and I know we'll never stop. And we well never be ashamed. We're here to rock for you an rock is . . .
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CoDependant Idolatry  - Crash Rickshaw

Wanna give not getLife is more than INever let the left know what the right has doneLoving to be loved it never solvedor built anythingRespond, ReactCan't tell them apart 'till I'm knocked on my backI want love that's pa . . .
Crash Rickshaw  |  View Lyrics

CoDepentent Idolatry  - Crash Rickshaw

Wanna give not get Life is more than I Never let the left know what the right has done Loving to be loved it never solvedor built anything Respond, React Can't tell them apart 'till I'm knocked on my back I want love tha . . .
Crash Rickshaw  |  View Lyrics

Coal  - Disciple

If I trust myself, and in my strengthI'll be in the desert with nothing to drinkI'll live in the wilderness, so far and so aloneAnd I won't help myself, so hot and yet so coldI choose not to lean on my own understandingI . . .
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Coal Black Horses  - 16 Horsepower

Just as sure as that suns gonna shineWhen he comes at his table I will dineJust as sure as that dog's gonna whineIn my heart no longer will I pineJust as sure as by evil you are tornThe sky will open up an an angel blow . . .
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Coat of Arms  - Lengsel

Horrific death, you are closing in on me Circling silently towards the centre of the earth The rails lead the way, night and day Black tracks ahead I keep my eyes on you Keep you in sight from a distance And join in the . . .
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Coathanger  - 710 Split

You did it once before, you'll do it once again You use to be with me and you use to be my friend, Like Brutus and his knife, this is our ides The wounds in our back was the way that we died You made me a promise That yo . . .
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Code of Life lyrics  - Rob Rock

Technology a gross manifestationQuest for power, an endless temptationThe decline of man, an abominationThe altar of greed, the perfect consummationThe code of life lives only to surviveWorshipping the fire we will are s . . .
Rob Rock  |  View Lyrics

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