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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with B)

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Christian Song Titles "B" Search Results (1100-1150)
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Boy Like Me/Man Like You  - Rich Mullins

You was a baby like I was once You was cryin' in the early mornin' You was born in a stable Lord Reid Memorial is where I was born They wrapped You in swaddling clothes Me they dressed in baby blue I was twe . . .
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Boy On A String  - Ricky Dillard

The marionetter has your numberPulling your arms and legs'til you can't stand on your ownDragging your conscience on the stageAnd your heart gets rearrangedAnd you cannot tell your mentor from your makerLook at the crow . . .
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Boy Tell the World  - ApologetiX

Jeremiah loved the true God Was a good friend of mine I never edited a single word he said But I helped him ink his lines And he always had me write 'em down twice, singin' Boy, tell the world All my voice enfurls now B . . .
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Boys Don't Cry  - Plumb

You sit there on the couchSipping your scotch and iceYou turn the TV onAnd tune me out againSo what would you say to meIf you could talk to meYou could ask anythingI wouldn't lieBut you're okay with thisDamaging awkwardn . . .
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Boys Lie  - Brandtson

width=500> no matter what words i say she just thinks it's my best line she'll look at me that way and say yeah she'll say boys lie thanks guys you've really done it for me this time now i'm watching her walk away i'm n . . .
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Bozman  - One21

It's late and getting laterWhat are we waiting for?Cast aside and thrown awayWhat are we waiting for?I don't know how much more we can takeWhat are we waiting for?It's late and getting laterWhat are we waiting for?Reject . . .
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Braille  - Overcome

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.Your hardened heart,your prideful thoughts,your selfish life,gouged out your eyes.They see only the road to hell. . . .
Overcome  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Brain Cleaner  - Mortification

Words & Music: Steve RoweBring up the young in the way of the LordWhen they are old, they will not departFrom the word that cleans their brainLearning young to avoid the painBrain CleanerWhen the devil comes knocking at . . .
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Brainwashed  - Eden in Ruins

Brainwashed(V1)Life to you means so much morethan the punishment to your soulDefiling your body in every wayallowing yourself to be led astray(CHORUS)Brainwashed - By the moral - majority MulticulturalisticMaterial Insan . . .
Eden in Ruins  |  View Lyrics

Brand New Life  - Jerry Washington

Brand New Life(recorded by Olivia Branch Walker)I moved from my old houseI moved from my old friendsI moved from my old way of strifeThank God I moved out to a brand new lifeHe changed my old way with wordsHe changed my . . .
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Brand New Life  - Rachael Lampa

I remember when I fell to my knees Sayin’, “Please, come to me -- I really need You now.” I felt Your mercy bringin’ truth to my soul; Now I know letting go Led me here somehow.
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Brand New Man  - Seventh Day Slumber

A morning rainbow fills the sky, I think I'm deadBut I know I'm not dead yetI've been missing You, You've been here all alongI guess sometimes I just forgetThere was comfort in Your breathYou made me believe that life wa . . .

Brand New Thing  - OC Supertones

Oh, I know there'd be trouble,It's what happens when you live, But hope is like a flame that never dies,Hard's the road that I have taken,But I walk it unforsaken.I know this trial is not in vain because, I feel my heart . . .
OC Supertones  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Branded  - Crashdog

outside encircling walls we standour liberation stories only we will retellthe voice which will sing our songbelongs to us aloneonce they forced us out butnow you could not pay us to return(chorus)different irons we've a . . .
Crashdog  |  View Lyrics

Brat Pack  - The Rocket Summer

For about four years I've hated this town There's so much I just want to get out Since graduation was long ago Please somebody get me out of this hole Cause I don't want to get stuck in here When I am thirty-four just ta . . .

Brave  - Nichole Nordeman

Brave (Nichole Nordeman, Jay Joyce) The gate is wide The road is paved in moderation The crowd is kind and quick to pull you in Welcome to the middle ground Youre safe and sound and Until now, its where I've been 'Caus . . .

Braveheart  - Clear Convictions

kingdom of heaven, is not for cowardskingdom of heaven, is for the bravewho kill the pride, in themselveswho daily take the crosswho stand for his beliefsno matter what the costfor those who are again't the flowand find . . .

Breach Birth  - Chevelle

Be brave reshape Can't force all into molds Passing out schematics Forcing all into molds Once more about to change Some try and fall beneath molds Well it's your right so [Chorus] I'll keep on this path Turning around b . . .
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Bread  - Ginny Owens

Man cannot live By bread alone, He needs something stronger To feed his hungry soul, So he'll try everything Under the sun, But nothing will end his hunger Nothing but Your love. He'll acquire treasure, But it won . . .
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Bread Of Heaven  - Joe Pace and The Colorado Mass Choir

Bread Of Heaven(written by John P.Kee) (recorded by Victory In Praise (VIP) Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir)Verse 1:Bread of heaven, bread of heaven, feed me 'til I want no more.Bread of heaven, bread of heaven, feed me . . .

Bread Of Heaven  - Ramiyah

Bread Of Heaven(written by John P.Kee) (recorded by Victory In Praise (VIP) Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir)Verse 1:Bread of heaven, bread of heaven, feed me 'til I want no more.Bread of heaven, bread of heaven, feed me . . .
Ramiyah  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Break  - Kim Burrell

Don't go thinkin' I'm crazy, But my fear is it's too late. Won't go making no trouble, 'Cause I fell like I could break. All of those times I ran away From all of those things I used to say. All of those plans I had To . . .
Kim Burrell   |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Break  - Unshaken

Looking down they're rising slowlyVeins that use to hide now showingBlood that shows no sign of slowingIt's Your love inside me growingCan You feel my heartbeat pumpingCan You feel my heartbeat pumpingIt's rushing throug . . .
Unshaken  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Break Down  - Fanmail

what's your excuse now? on bought time it's all mine you know you get what you pay for vulgar scenes shattered dreams you know the consequence is killing you youre heading for break you're gonna breakdown again your sail . . .
Fanmail  |  View Lyrics

Break In The Clouds  - Aletheian

The storm clouds move in overhead, drowning out the light of day. Blinded in the darkness, soul torn apart by the falling rain. Cold and alone, trembling with fear and shame. Arms stretched to the sky as blood drips from . . .
Aletheian  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Break Me  - Tragedy Ann

break me, break me wide open Lordthen You come when i least expect ityou come when i need You the most . . .
Tragedy Ann  |  View Lyrics

Break Me Down  - Fred Hammond

A long day alone Emptiness is so real Never having peace of mind Running from what I can't sing And there is nowhere left to hideTurn and face these empty liesAll alone, heart unturnedTrying to findBreak me down replace . . .
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Break Me Down  - Guardian

Bought me a bargain basement laboratoryWith a rack and a humpback elfThen I sewed together all the glory I'd collected To immortalize my good self Thought I'd build me a better FrankensteinBut the monster turned on meNo . . .
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Break Me Through  - Bebo Norman

Today I woke up early, today I woke up sad It's funny how it hurts me, the love I've never had But I can feel you breaking me through this mess I can feel you through this loneliness Show me that Life shines . . .
Bebo Norman  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Break My Fall  - Plankeye

My coat is warmit shields me from the chillEmpty swingsand I see couples kissingwalk the paththat leads back to the houseit's time for bedgooodnight my love, she said.Break my fall todayi lack the strength it takesto be . . .
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Break Of Dawn  - Plankeye

This tailored life - I cannot breatheThere's something hidden; something suffocating me.Is it my pentium? This thing is way too slow.My perfect life,Like in a dream, I started thinking that it wasn't what it seemsI gotta . . .
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Break Out  - 441z

Everybody tells you just what to doTry this buy that white teeth get you a girlYou always wonder how clothes make a manAll Jesus wants is you to take a standBreak out! Break free, it's your responsibilityPutting on a fac . . .
441z  |  View Lyrics

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