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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with A)

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Christian Song Titles "A" Search Results (400-450)
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ACT II Christmas Day  - Shadow Gallery

Outside the twilight rides high And whispers of love sound deep in the night Hope and promise of peace in our land Is this Christmastime? Dark winter watches our fire And brings us promise of a new day Distant eyes have . . .
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ACT II Ghost Of A Chance  - Shadow Gallery

Walking down some highway midnight North Dakota Somewhere 'round late fall I knew that the time Has come for me I'm willing a million stars above me I tried to catch their fall I tried to catch their fall Inside I felt s . . .
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ACT II I Believe - Shadow Gallery

Long ago a living story Walked the whole world phrophesying Told of days when the hand of God Pulls away from the world All hell starts breaking out I see it clear It pounds the cold into your life It turns to gray what' . . .
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ACT II New World Order  - Shadow Gallery

Good day my fellow citizen I don't mean to intrude But allow me to get right down to the point We've monitored transmissions We calculate your moves Did you really think you're hidden from our sight? Your name's been add . . .
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ACT II Roads Of Thunder - Shadow Gallery

[A) EMPOWERED]Are your deeds so really bad? Your secret life untold Please tell me Just try me But you say goodnight and shut me down until tomorrow When you come to life again And reveal just maybe What's going on insid . . .
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ACT II Spoken Words  - Shadow Gallery

There I was all alone all by myself And you were just a ghost behind a screen The few short months we spent Long distance late nights just the two of us I've grown to picture you I've pictured you with me There are thing . . .
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ACT III Birth of a Daughter - Shadow Gallery

[instrumental] . . .
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ACT III Death of a Mother  - Shadow Gallery

[instrumental] . . .
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ACT III Manhunt - Shadow Gallery

[instrumental] . . .
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Act Of Depression  - Fred Hammond

I tried to cry out from the inside, but I guess my soul did not pour itself out enoughBlood on the walls, flaming black, blood on the walls,I saw you staring through the cracksNo one was to know what was happening in me . . .
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Act Up  - Ninety Pound Wuss

well, i don't wanna live, but i don't wanna die. bearing my cross while listening to lies. walking through life, sitting on a fence. my testimony seems so small, miniscual, and dence. why was i chosen when i'm one big cr . . .
Ninety Pound Wuss  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Action  - Fireflight

So many hurting people Without a leg to stand on They're reaching out every day We all like to stare And we pretend we care How can we keep on doing nothing? Can anybody hear me? Can anybody see me? Does anyone really un . . .
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Action Figure  - Knowdaverbs

CHORUS: Action! Getting Ready for some Action Figure. Put the Word into motion, not only hear that we do that! Action! Getting Ready for some Action Figure. Put the Word into motion, not only hear that we do that!
Knowdaverbs  |  View Lyrics

Activate - Stellar Kart

Here's the plan I think i got it made Life is easy When you're sitting in the shade Not too hot not too cold Now i'm nervous And i've come undone My head is spinning like the earth Around the sun I feel you drawing me aw . . .
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Acts of Love  - Franks Enemy

I don't know the circumstancesAll I've heard is what I readAnd a couple of people where I workedAre dead of the diseaseYour emptiness your void no differentThan the one once inside meSomeone got in front of your eyesAnd . . .
Franks Enemy  |  View Lyrics

Actually - The Evan Anthem

Your words grew out of the silenceto shelter your ceramic thoughts.The sun made love to Decemberto melt away your opens arms.Last night the lights went out in your houseand the clock turned black.And every time it flashe . . .
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Ad Astra Per Aspera  - Acceptance

[ Instrumental ] . . .
Acceptance  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Ad/BC  - Shout

I can remember the good ole daysWhen the boys knew how to play their azeThe singers wailed and the drummers slayedMan those are just the factsThe energy groved, The kind thing that moves yaMakes you want to scream and sh . . .
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Add Up Those Points  - Like David

Bet add up those points, now your card reads betterThan mineI apologizeI've been trying to look upNot around this timeYour wrists are weak my friendOh brother hold your head highBut here is the fallI'm watching your feet . . .
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Addicted - Fred Hammond

Addicted by Keith StatonWritten by Keith Staten, Maxx Frank(INTRODUCTION)It's hard to seeI'm addictedI'm addicted to YouI'm addictedI'm addictedI'm addictedVerse 1Like a deer pantethAt the water streamSo does my soul lo . . .
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Addiction  - Staple

Face to dying face with my future while you mock me behind its broken lines. Wide awake, but I'm still sleeping with all your lies cuz I Made the choice to forfeit my freedom.Oh my God, why can't I just look away? Conseq . . .
Staple  |  View Lyrics

Addictive Love  - Ramiyah

Addictive Love(recorded by The Winans)Ooh...ooh...Ooh...ooh...ooh...hoo...hoo...Way higher, yeahYeahYeahAll I wanna do is just explainWhy that we feel the way we do {Ooh}What a joy to share with youFor me to live is Chri . . .
Ramiyah  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Adding To The Noise  - Switchfoot

What's it gonna take to slow us down to let the silence spin us around? What's it gonna take to drop this town? We've been spinning at the speed of sound. Stepping out of those convenience stores what could we want but m . . .
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Additional tracks unavailable  - Transfigural Form

Lyrics unavailable . . .
Transfigural Form  |  View Lyrics

Adept Arcana  - Sympathy

The fire that leaves no scars sears my fleshit fills me with fear and wonderan heir to the secret poweran heir to the flameI am adept in the ancientwell versed in the arcanethe blood of the chosen flows within meit fills . . .
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Adiastasia  - Adiastasia

Better than all i feel itThe presence of God inside my heartThere`s a change i seeI lost my fear of walk in shadowsLife War!I see a name, a heroThe real one that saved my lifeYou know he`s name is JesusBut you are aways . . .
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Admission: Regret  - As Cities Burn

so I hear there's a whole world out therebut I've grown to love this bed too much to leave itif love really drives out fearthen I pray it's her voice I've been hearing outside my doorone more time, love, won't you come r . . .
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Adonai  - Kierra Sheard

One single drop of rain Your salty tear became blue ocean One tiny grain of sand turning in your hand A world in motion You're out beyond the furthest Morning Star Close enough to hold me in Your arms AdoniaI life up my . . .
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Adonai  - Petra

This thirsting within my soul Won't cease til I've been made whole To know you, to walk with you To please you in all I do You uphold the righteous and your faithfulness shall endure (Chorus) Adonai, Master of the earth . . .
Petra  |  View Lyrics

Adonai  - Youthful Praise

I lift my voiceI lift my praise to youI lift my handsI lift my worship to youI love you more than I can say I love you more than I can sayEver I will sing Only you will I adoreGlorify my LordOnly you will I serveFor the . . .
Youthful Praise  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Adonia  - The Orange County Supertones

Well I'm as ugly as sin, that is to say I'm not good lookin'But I can bust some ska, in fact the rhythm rhyme is cookin'Brighten up your soul and loosen up your brainMake my heartbeat all fast like the girl from plain Ja . . .

Adopting the Stillborn  - Coriolis

Show me the self-righteous men, and I'll show you liars. Show me a mind that's open, I'll show you a fool. Show me the bravest of kings, and I'll show you cowards. Show me the child within, I'll show you my God.I'm not a . . .
Coriolis  |  View Lyrics

Adoration  - Bishop Leonard Scott

I'm here with the others Who saw the heavens testify Now I hang back in the shadows I want to come close I want to know She sees me shivering here She smiles and with a nod I walk through the mud and straw To the newbor . . .

Adore  - Jaci Velasquez

From the moment you opened my eyes I have seen the world in a different light From the dawn to the setting sun I am overwhelmed By all that you have done Chorus: Adore, adore, adore Jesus I adore you, Yes I adore, Adore . . .
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Adore You  - Juanita Bynum

It's a mystery That the maker of the universe Calls me his own It amazes me That the one who lets me wander Always leads me home Now I Have found me a place In your heart Where I Forever will stay I adore you Adore you N . . .
Juanita Bynum  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Adorers of Blood  - Frost Like Ashes

You are the Ancient OneThe Ancient of DaysThe end and the beginningThe object of my praiseYou're the Morning StarYou're the Midnight SunI Am that I AmYou're the Victory wonYou're Lord SabaothFather, Son, mysterious Ghost . . .
Frost Like Ashes  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

Adorned In Apostasy - Sympathy

city of man, built by thieves, arrayed in splendorstealing away the souls of men for your own pleasurecasting down their spent lives, you eat their fleshconsuming all, redeeming none, filled with deathchurch of wealth, b . . .
Sympathy  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

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