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Christian Music Song Titles (Beginning with A)

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Christian Song Titles "A" Search Results (700-750)
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All In My Head  - Seven Places

Fall, fall my eyes onto the pageFilling my mind with endless knowledge but in vainPuff, puff my mind blows up and Iam left with everything that nothing is insideOh Lord I thought I knew it allMy heart was not informed I . . .
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All In The Name Of God  - Squad FiveO

So, you say you have the right to kill.To seek and destroy at will.They've killed before the poor unborn.So you say you owe 'em one.All in the name of God.You murder, you kill, you steal.Continuously imposing your will.W . . .
Squad FiveO  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All Is Forgiven  - Trouble

When trouble comes your soul to try with broken hearts we all cry times when love cannot smooth the road you have to carry a heavy load (Chorus) Please come again you`ve been so kind you can see and I am blind forgive me . . .
Trouble  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All Is Well  - Reed Temple Mass Choir

Words and music by Carolyn ArendsBones will ache Hearts will break When living takes its toll Tears will fall Still all is well with my soulStorms will come Hide the sun And leave us numb with cold Rains will fall Still . . .

All Kinds Of People  - Kierra Sheard

There's a time for love and a time for healingCan't go back and undo what's been doneWord of mouth, time is revealingJust how far we've let this kingdom comeHand in hand we're finding our wayAnd today is just tomorrow's . . .
Kierra Sheard  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All My days  - Glenn Kaiser Band

God, You are my God and I praise YouLord, You are my Lord and I love YouGod, You are my God and I praise YouLord, You are my Lord and I long for YouHow I long for your presenceHow I look to Your graceHow I search for You . . .
Glenn Kaiser Band  |  View Lyrics

This is what you do for a nameYou wanna waste your life in a countryAnd fly around on a plane?We did the sameWe drove in cars and flew around on planesAnd never thought it'd go this farWe never thought thatWe'd ever go f . . .
Starflyer 59  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All My Life  - Arthur

My thoughts they wait for meBut I just can't get thereI just sit in my room aloneAnd stareAll the things I do in a dayI just can't get thereI should use that time to prayThat time to careAll my life I have been trying to . . .
Arthur  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All My Life  - Ricky Dillard

Nobody has as many lives as I doBut I lose them allMy reluctance to be my version of meIs all the writing on the wall I'll ever needAll my lifeYou can have all of my lifeAll my lifeYou can have all of my lifeI can see a . . .
Ricky Dillard  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All My Praise  - UNKNOWN

I will follow you through green pastures And sing hallelujah to your name I will follow you through dark disaster And sing hallelujah through the pain Even in the shadow of death I will praise Even in the valley I will . . .
UNKNOWN  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All My Tears  - New Direction

When I go, don't cry for meIn my Father's arms I'll beThe wounds this world left on my soulWill all be healed and I'll be whole.Sun and moon will be replacedWith the light of Jesus' faceAnd I will not be ashamedFor my S . . .
New Direction  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All Night  - New Direction

Alvin Darling - All NightChorus:All night, all night I wouldn't give upAll night, all night I wouldn't let goAll night, all night I just held on I called on the Lord all night longAnd I wouldn't let go 'til he blessed my . . .
New Direction  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All Nighter  - Side Walk Slam

Open Highway, It's just me and this empty road ahead Thinking of life, thinking of home Our destination seems so far I hope we never get there Chorus: It's times like these, The little things Capture this moment in time . . .
Side Walk Slam  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All Of Me  - David Tamela Mann

"All Of Me"[Verse 1:]Red was the sky in the flameBurned alight calling meTo your side and require all of meBlue like the sea tears have flownSo deep through meSweet release precious peaceYou have seen all of m . . .
David Tamela Mann  |  View Lyrics

All of Me  - Stryper

[Verse 1]All my life searching for the one to shareThe space within my heartTo stand right by my side[Verse 2]Then you came to meShining as the morning sunYou gave your love to meAnd I knew you were the one[Bridge]The on . . .
Stryper  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All Of Me  - UNKNOWN

Holy father, love me still I have fallen from your will I am broken Hear my humble cry My cry I have wandered for so long Tired and weary on my own In your arms I know I’m home, O God My God Take my life and make it y . . .
UNKNOWN  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All Of My Days  - Hillsong United

Left my fear by the side of the road Hear You speak Won't let go Fall to my knees as I lift my hands to pray Got every reason to be here again Father's love that draws me in And all my eyes wanna see is a glimpse of You . . .
Hillsong United  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All Of My Days  - Lynn Baird

Proclaim Your awesome power Tell of mighty deeds Declare Your future kingdom Of everlasting peace And my eyes they look unto You always and I am captured by Your majesty All of my days I will sing of Your greatness All o . . .
Lynn Baird  |  View Lyrics

All Of My Days  - Richard Smallwood

Proclaim Your awesome power Tell of mighty deeds Declare Your future kingdom Of everlasting peace And my eyes they look unto You always and I am captured by Your majesty All of my days I will sing of Your greatness All o . . .

All of the Words  - Kutless

How do I speak of the indescribable to YouI will try to explain these feelings that are trueSo looking to the sky I will sing and from my heart to You I bringAll of the words in all of my life that could never explain an . . .
Kutless  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All of Us  - Blindside

As soon as You stepped through my doorI saw You for the first time all over againTime well spent seems lonelier than everLike light years agoAs I smell You for the first time all over againI begin to remember to be alive . . .
Blindside  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All Of Your Love  - Jill Phillips

The path of peace, the way of the wise Only comes with a sacrifice I’m not content with passing through I’ll walk that narrow path to you I have seen with my own eyes Your burning truth melt away the lie . . .
Jill Phillips  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All Okay  - Forever Moon

It's raining today It's all the same Just stay in bed and sleep it away Take it in stride Take it in time Throw it all away for one more day To make it all, all okay To make it all... She blames her dad She blames her sa . . .
Forever Moon  |  View Lyrics

All Or Nothing  - Commissioned

Sitting on a fence your heart can feel the warmth of the one who pulled you out of the cold Trying to walk the line, you don't know which way to go but your about to loose your hold Which way to fall to the wrong or to . . .
Commissioned  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

All Or Nothing  - xDISCIPLEx AD

I'm not asking no more i'm begging i'm not condemning i'm understanding coming to the point of realization I fallow my heart this is my life and I will fight for what I believe I eiil not lay down and die I won't sell ou . . .
xDISCIPLEx AD  |  View Lyrics  |  Download  |

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