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Christian Music - "War Of Ages"

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Battle On  - War Of Ages

Your love will never fade even when we failIn You we find strength for You're our shelterWe refuse to fallThis is our battle cry can we make it last until our last breathI know that You'll remain the same today and forev . . .
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Broken Before You  - War Of Ages

Give me the strength to stand apart from all my fearsAnd stay true to all that I hold deep inside my heartHide me undernearth your wingsYou are the shelter we all needWith every breath I take You are there stand aside fr . . .
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Brothers In Arms  - War Of Ages

You gave your life to save meIn time of need we riseThe time for change is nearBound and brokenFind strength within yourselfWe rise against our fatePulled together united as oneStay true until the endWe are not the sameB . . .
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False Prophet  - War Of Ages

Put my life back on its course and remove all doubt from my soulYou've left me here with false hope and now you sit backAnd you watch me die tear me down with my undying breathI risk everything obey the truth in this I t . . .
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My Solitude  - War Of Ages

My life was not in vainProved by the stripes on his backOur sins have been coveredOpen the gates and set me freeLook on meSend forth your fireOne last chance to throw down my lifeCover meHere I am before your throneYou l . . .
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Only The Strong Survive  - War Of Ages

Lord God release us nowThe time has come to release our rageThe weak shall fall but the strong surviveGod prepare our hearts for warA fight to the end is our last breathWe will search for the truthNow we see our emptines . . .
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Scars Of Tomorrow  - War Of Ages

There's no one left with the strength to save the world from itselfJoin in the fightYour hands will bear the scars of lifeGrab your weapons and riseI'd give anything for one more chance to fight for the truthI held so cl . . .
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Second Chance  - War Of Ages

I am broken before you don't turn away in fear of what I've becomeGive me a chance to prove to you that I've changedAnd no one can break me hear us we've been given a second chanceNo one can stop usStand true until the e . . .
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Stand Your Ground  - War Of Ages

We lie awake in our battlefieldsOne chance to prove ourselvesWe will prevailOur will to live is powerful and our strength will never fade awayTo the weak who try to stop usYou don't have the strengthSo save your breathSt . . .
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'War Of Ages' Christian Lyrics and Downloads