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Christian Music - "Unshaken"

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Break  - Unshaken

Looking down they're rising slowlyVeins that use to hide now showingBlood that shows no sign of slowingIt's Your love inside me growingCan You feel my heartbeat pumpingCan You feel my heartbeat pumpingIt's rushing throug . . .
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Bring them all  - Unshaken

Shine into the darknessShelter all the coldFather all the orphansGive life to the oldGo into the citiesHarvesting the fieldsGo seek out the hungryWhere the pain s realBring them all to meCall them by their namesLove them . . .
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Insult like the Truth  - Unshaken

I've run my ship agroundon the rocks of the soulThere's no lie like independencethere's no demon like controlI've fanned the burning emberstil my house was on fireThere's no parody like powerThere's no fever like desireI . . .
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Intoxication  - Unshaken

Verse 1:I will not let them cure my diseaseThey will never put my mind at easeI don’t think that they can comprehendThe beginning of a life is at its endLabel this as pure insanityTrying to keep me from societyLoo . . .
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Shout it Loud  - Unshaken

As he looks at the mirror he seesAll the scars he's obtained from the past memoriesBut he has no regrets of the pastCause the future he holds is a hope that will lastAs he turns and he runs from the grayHe's becoming a h . . .
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Superhero  - Unshaken

Put your glasses onBlend into the crowdCause you know you're differentAnd you're scared to make a soundWill they take you inYou're the alienBut it's for a greater causeThan they can understandThe world needs a superheroW . . .
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Take a Chance  - Unshaken

Verse 1:You say you never felt this way beforeIt’s like you want to give it up but you’re not sureYou feel like you’re alone – all by yourselfBut you wouldn’t even know with Him on the . . .
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Tears  - Unshaken

His obligated passionShows his indecisionIt tears him up insideSearching for a reasonTo continue dyingHe wants the narrow wideThe tears you cries are not in veinHe knows your thoughts and feels your painThe tears you cri . . .
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The Way  - Unshaken

Living everyday and I keep putting on my maskI wanna change, but I'm too insecure to askWould receive it, I need to see itOr would you laugh it all off and make-believe itWhy do I hate what I have becomeIt seems the more . . .
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'Unshaken' Christian Lyrics and Downloads