'Twelve Gauge Valentine' Christian Lyrics and Downloads

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Christian Music - "Twelve Gauge Valentine"

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An Iceberg Waiting On The Titanic  - Twelve Gauge Valentine

You've just reached the end of your rope there's no place to turn there's no place to hide I'd bet you love it you're running away from this outstanding offer..??? this will cost you everything I said we never forget.. n . . .

Casket Junkie  - Twelve Gauge Valentine

Things just don't look good, they don't get any better I've done the worst I could, it doesn't get any better she's out of the grave and she's ready for anything buckle up your seatbelt for the ride of your life I'm into . . .

Danger Lurking  - Twelve Gauge Valentine

One more chance and I swear I'll get it call out your vultures.. Sharpening knives in the deepest shadows run it by the council we're stopping by to drop you in and if you can't hold on get it get it... get it... we took . . .

DiveBomb  - Twelve Gauge Valentine

I know I've got it.. anything you've got.. I'm all or nothing.. run from this prison we created.. in our lives.. get me out.. It's just another.. way into the cheaper way of life.. get in line.. set me free.. follow the . . .

Search Of The Alley Dwellers  - Twelve Gauge Valentine

We're searching alleys.. to find an alley dweller.. the haunted.. the horror.. we're searching alleys.. to find the best of the worst.. all this means nothing.. all things are glorified.. I'll sort this out.. I'll set it . . .

The Greylord Operation  - Twelve Gauge Valentine

You can't look past us once we've figured you out pay no, attention to this suit no, just don't read between these lines we'll let you know when we sort things out just take a look just take a seat wouldn't that be fine . . .

The Juggernaut Prevails  - Twelve Gauge Valentine

Filthy swine you're going down.. plastic swine you're going out with a bang.. I know who's coming and I know where he's been yeah, he's the one you'd like to meet in the alley and in the street so come on quickly, I've h . . .

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'Twelve Gauge Valentine' Christian Lyrics and Downloads