'This Beautiful Mess' Christian Lyrics and Downloads

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Christian Music - "This Beautiful Mess"

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21st Advent Hymn  - This Beautiful Mess

i will sing you a new song into the next century.i will be with you.you will bring me a new day into a glorious age.you will be with me.how long to sing this song anew into your infinity.i will be waiting you will be ret . . .

Black Is The New Red  - This Beautiful Mess

here i am but where are you.i'm a jar and i am empty too.i forgot how to pray to you.buried my treasure in the ground.are you near is it far.can i get to where you are.without your strength within me.without your presenc . . .

Cacophonic  - This Beautiful Mess

i believed in you daddy.but lately it's so hard to keep the faith.i am too rational.to stroll upon the waters.i relied on you.but tonight's rush hour in the sky.i lost your frequency.in a cacophony of prayers.cling to me . . .

Fly Anna Fly  - This Beautiful Mess

tonight.i am black and you are white.and your beautiful gown is making me cry.tonight.the stars they shine for us.and for a second i can touch the sky.alright. this is why i've lived my life.and he didn't come back befor . . .

Here I Stand  - This Beautiful Mess

here i stand.looking out to sea.where a thousand souls have prayed.and a thousand lives were laid on the sand.years have past.since they have died.but the word shall last.and wild goose shall fly.here i stand.looking out . . .

Sola Gratia  - This Beautiful Mess

i am so thirsty.i'd drink all of the sea.i am drying up inside.my life is drained.my well is empty.i need to be filled.let the fountain spring in me eternally.rain. rain down beautiful grace.rain all over my face.rain do . . .

Soundtrack Of My Life  - This Beautiful Mess

all is full of you.by grand design.and you are beautiful.it's omnipresent.all is full of your almighty glory.and it's revealing.your omnipresence.all is full of you.in grand array.and you are wonderful.it's unfathomable. . . .

Music Lyrics "This Beautiful Mess" Search Results

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'This Beautiful Mess' Christian Lyrics and Downloads