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Christian Music - "The Waiting"

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Easy To See  - The Waiting

Oh we are easy to see We're all together Oh we are easy to see We're all together Looking at You, we're barely believing The way that Your face can light up an evening All together for a glimpse of You Trying to be still . . .
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Make It Disappear  - The Waiting

Inside of me I can see the hope of glory Years ago He came knocking on my door Inside of me I can hear a simple question Just whose glory am I hoping for Make it disappear Everything I built with my hands Make it disappe . . .
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So Much Of Me  - The Waiting

At the foot of the ocean I'm hearing winds whisper and waves shout The storm of the morning is clearing, the tide is running out I'm feeling obviously small A little of this sand is all I am A bit of dust blown from Your . . .
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Speak  - The Waiting

From the whisper of the lover to the lion's roar The command of the commander upon the field of war The instruction of the father, the laughter of the friend I've heard every utterance and I can't comprehend Just why I c . . .
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The Company You Keep  - The Waiting

Another day to be dumb, confusion mingled with bliss A bit of revelation that I don't want to miss I heard bad company kills and absolutely it's true But then that doesn't explain all that I know about You That You call . . .
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Too Many Miles  - The Waiting

The closer I get to where You are there The clearer I see Your fingerprints are everywhere This must be a moment between bliss and dark despair The louder I hear You calling my name The more I remember I won't be the sam . . .
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Unfazed  - The Waiting

I don't think You had in mind When You set my city on a hill For it's walls to be built up to keep the light in Brick on brick I'm building still But the moon still shines The stars seem brighter I see You through the ha . . .
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'The Waiting' Christian Lyrics and Downloads