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Christian Music - "The Swift"

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'Til I Met You  - The Swift

Once again, I’m taken by Your love for me. It’s got me thinking it’s crazy that You’d want someone like me. And no one else can love me the way that You can. I don’t have to understand . . .
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Come On  - The Swift

Come on, come on, come on, 'cause everyone's waiting. You know the wrongs from the rights, so what will you do. I know you're scared, and you don't feel prepared, but I'll be there coaching you on. So come on, go on, get . . .
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He's Making Sunshine  - The Swift

You're making the sunshine. You're turning the winter to summertime. You bring out the blue skies for me. You're bringing my darkness into the light. I can't believe my eyes when I see all the things that You do. (Chorus . . .
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More Than Gold  - The Swift

I heard Your word. I crossed over to the holy side and saw what You can do. But now I'm feeling like I could just die. Seems it takes so long to get it right. (Chorus) More than gold, I love Your word. It speaks to me. M . . .
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Moshing Machine  - The Swift

Moshing Moshing You broke my arm Can you continue without any harm? Watchout for the little guy Cause if you make him cry Do you think he'll be back here tomarrow night? Rainbows and pianos just aint your style I fear, y . . .
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Soften Your Heart  - The Swift

So many times I've tried to tell you, But I don't think you've been listening. There's nothing I want to try and sell you, 'Cause his love is free. You're so proud of saying you're a seeker, So why are you searching in t . . .
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Tug Of War  - The Swift

We used to lie in our small town underground. And everyday we'd waste our time and let life slip away. We were looking for a simple place to stand. And he found Your hand. He's moved up state. With a brand new bag of tea . . .
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Wake Up  - The Swift

Look at you and all of everything you've held on to. Get rid of anything you thought you knew cause now it's gonna change. This is it, what you've been waiting for is finally here. A chance to understand your life more c . . .
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'The Swift' Christian Lyrics and Downloads