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Christian Music - "Tammy Trent"

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He's Right There  - Tammy Trent

It's not hard to read you, it's so easy It's like I can read your mind In fact empty expression on your face It shows what's going on inside You've got lots of questions And the answer is just like it was before He . . .
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I'll Be Around  - Tammy Trent

This is a fork in the road Hurts last episode There's no where to go I made my choice Now it's up to me To give faithfully I know you hold the key CHORUS: Whenever you call me I'll be there Whenever you w . . .
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You're shaken up You're breaking down with the weight of problems You're all but lost Hope can't be found in the place your heart is So bewildered and confused You've done all that you can do CHORUS: We rel . . .
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'Tammy Trent' Christian Lyrics and Downloads