'Strange Celebrity' Christian Lyrics and Downloads

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Christian Music - "Strange Celebrity"

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Back To Life  - Strange Celebrity

Throwing it all awaySometimes I feel like that is allThere ain’t a single dayI don’t want youI don’t need youThere ain’t a single dayI wouldn’t do for youI can’t understand the w . . .

Dangerous  - Strange Celebrity

Listen to meTell me what you hearIs it loveOr my imaginationStill I can’t breatheWithout her nearHave I lost my salvationAnd I can’t live this wayWhat to do, what should I sayShe’s so dangerous that . . .

I Can't Breathe  - Strange Celebrity

I turned my back on the ones I lovedTo be with you insteadNow I’m living with a big black cloudHanging around my headHanging around my headNow I’m down in a holeAnd I’m losing controlIs it better wit . . .

If I  - Strange Celebrity

I could stand and look at you foreverWhile other lifetimes pass me byWell it’d be worth the waitTo have one chance to see your faceAnd catch a glimpse of your smileAnd I would runI could flyIf I only, could have y . . .

Paralyzed  - Strange Celebrity

I’ve opened all the doorsAnd I’ve looked at what’s insideTo many choices when will all these voices dieWhatever brought me hereSo tattered and so tornMy life’s a rainy day my hopes all slip aw . . .

Ruin  - Strange Celebrity

My thick skin is slowly peelingYou can almost see my soulHow can I expect to healYou have left me so exposedTorn because I need youWorn down ‘cause I can’t free youI, I’m in the depth of your despairI . . .

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'Strange Celebrity' Christian Lyrics and Downloads