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Christian Music - "StorySide:B"

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Dance To Me  - StorySide:B

You're the only one I know, you're the only one I'll show Just how deep my love runs through I take a leap of faith towards you I face the whole world Living fearless, take me as I am Know me, this is who I am You're why . . .
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Everything And More  - StorySide:B

Pin it all on me He said as He turned His head to the sun I'm the only one who can wash it all away Take a look at yourself Do you know when things aren't right? Are you willing to stand up and fight? For what you say yo . . .
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Hold Me Down  - StorySide:B

I'm starting to see things more clearly now The wheel will always turn Spinning inward to my core And as I approach I can see you now Your arms are open A comfort like I've never felt before So here I am Do with me what . . .
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More To This Life  - StorySide:B

Round and round this world we go Forming truths from what we know It could never be foretold What will happen tomorrow Things we see right now will change Our lives will never be the same Praying hallowed be thy name And . . .
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Off The Ground  - StorySide:B

You see me up and down Yeah I've beena round But you never changed a bit No you never backed down You've been my strength to change From my worst days And still I fool myself with fear and doubt But now I'm swept off my . . .
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Send Me A Sign  - StorySide:B

Wake to the sound of amazing grace Pull back the shades to a deep blue grey Check the reflection and look to the sky Weigh both sides and wonder why You beg for peace you beg for the day That you don't have to worry or w . . .
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'StorySide:B' Christian Lyrics and Downloads