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Christian Music - "Seven System"

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Fight Conformity  - Seven System

Won't give up Won't give in Open your mouth Let it begin Tear me down Spit in my face My reply I give nothing but grace Chorus: I won't bow down I won't give in To your demands I won't give in Until I die I'll Fight Conf . . .
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Forgotten Blood  - Seven System

Blatantly dishonest Your wrath ensues Purveyor of Journalistic bias You have the nerve to call it news Report the negative If America fails That's good for you Chorus: FOR-GOT-TEN Forgotten Blood Your web of lies Cleverl . . .
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Generations Lost  - Seven System

Generations lost and left behind, and as I search for answers I have found why. You see yesterdays methods are preached as todays gospel. Have we forgotten the purpose for a hospital? Life here seems at ease. As usual th . . .
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Hope Arises  - Seven System

Dark and dreary Is how I see Keep coming up short No confidence in me Negativity Keeps choking me It's getting hard to Breath Pre-Chorus: If your mind's depression You are destruction's tool Negatives rise to the surface . . .
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Invent Another Way  - Seven System

Come gather at the cauldron Of human Intellect Come see the abomination that We erect Blinded eyes We call intellectual Try and celebrate our Most sinful Chorus: Worlds crack and fall apart As we invent another way Insan . . .
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Life's Seduction  - Seven System

Like an addict on drugs, your life is hooked on sin. Evils at your door, Its saying let me in. Ill give what you want. Ive got what you need. You better beware, because pleasures a thief. Plenty of time, plenty of space. . . .
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Man's Decrees  - Seven System

The virus you spread leaves behind nothing but dead You spew vomit and bile to spiritual juveniles Pre-Chorus: Name it and claim it, blab it and grab it With your wrong intentions youll never have it You false teacher, Y . . .
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Me Again  - Seven System

I thought you had left me Youre here again I see Youre here to tempt me with your lies I turned from you I thought that we were through Here you are again with me Chorus: This fight will never end until I die This fight . . .
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The Cause  - Seven System

Mission Given The heart forgotten How can tradition answer for our lives Pre-Chorus: When will we begin to see That we created our own disease When we lost our love for humanity We've all lost sight The focus of our huma . . .
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'Seven System' Christian Lyrics and Downloads