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Christian Music - "Seven Channels"

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Chasing Monsters  - Seven Channels

crawl in the sun today as i chase all the monsters away and i am glued to you but what am i supposed to dowhen all i seem to do is bleed and you're the only one i need oh i want to be addicted to you so i will chase afte . . .
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Circle  - Seven Channels

this is the stuff that makes us and it's kind of contagious won't swallow the pill that life decides to give usno i see your face in the middle of the storm can't rely on myself because myself's all gonethere goes the wo . . .
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Electric Voices  - Seven Channels

think i'll lie here for a while inside out embrace your smile all the jaded memories they bring me right to myknees you say hope i don't now fade away i reach into you everyday cause i want to be with you as I want to be . . .
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Fluid  - Seven Channels

it becomes so clear to me the things we don't believe oh it stings us as we walk on by it changes everythinga dose of reality if you believe and receive it it will set you free so throw your rocks at my glass box as you . . .
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Helium  - Seven Channels

throw me 'round in circles as i run into i crash into i only want to run if i'm crashing into you as i reach tothe sky and on today it's much too highthough the seasons change souls rearrange and i don't want to push you . . .
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Rooftop  - Seven Channels

we would sleep to the glow of the exit sign dream that the world was yours and mine better run if you wantshotgun the day was dark but it was all good and funwe were heroes to those who knew us better times change are ev . . .
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Submarine Dream  - Seven Channels

she's tired of breaking nothing's left for taking gone away are her dreams torn at the seams she's like a submarine dream as she dives and fades away from me she's buried in all the fear and pain that make her crawl the . . .
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Superconnected  - Seven Channels

i hold the candle and the truth i see seems like i'm dreaming but i know i'm still awake hold me down through thebroken part of me in case i try to run and escapeyou ask me the question are you superconnected with me and . . .
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Velcro Parade  - Seven Channels

welcome to the velcro parade everybody now march out the shade oh i know that it's a lonely place to be sometimesi know i could be wrong but still everybody sings the song the only thing i know is how much i miss ya you' . . .
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'Seven Channels' Christian Lyrics and Downloads