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Christian Music - "Sarah Brendel"

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Babel Towers  - Sarah Brendel

I stood accused and guilty of many crimes I went and burned my offerings a thousand times I know the place the landscape been here before I will not walk the bad mile anymore Cause I have seen the sun that I shine Comes . . .
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Be With You  - Sarah Brendel

Shivering in the cold air The wind is crawling Its crawling into my face A lonley road leading nowhere I am longing Longing for a resting place Theres a voice I hear thats Calling me back home And my spirit yearns to go . . .
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Catherine Wheel  - Sarah Brendel

To me you are an island Within a sea of silence Im sinking in by and by Beyond the walls of wonder That keep our souls asunder Innocence is not a lie If I fall through the rain I will crawl beneath my shame If I sing out . . .
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Commodity  - Sarah Brendel

I-Ive been a wonder girl under the gun And like you I was a runner with nowhere to run But my freedom is a mother and right now shes back To stay for a while I-Ive had enough of me playing the fool Oh I see the smile you . . .
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King I Love  - Sarah Brendel

He was born the Son of God Still He came in flesh and blood He inflamed a distant sun To shine upon us And when He first called out my name I could see the mountains tremble Here comes the King Here comes the King I love . . .
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No More  - Sarah Brendel

No more must you be afraid No more must you be in pain No more must you be alone Cause Hes on His feet to save you from all harm Havent you heard that you will never die Youre a thought without ending Loves your companio . . .
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Pardon Me  - Sarah Brendel

Words are flying out like endless rain Into my wishing well They speak so clear, they sound so real to me Grace comes floating like a warm embrace Of one who loves to love I turn the page, I burn the rage, Im free Pardon . . .
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Slowly  - Sarah Brendel

He talked to me so slowly couldn`t change my mind All these phrases are circling and raging like a storm Throwing me into the ocean of secrets and mystery I thought that I have reached the top But again Im pushed back to . . .
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'Sarah Brendel' Christian Lyrics and Downloads