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Christian Music - "Recon"

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Alive!  - Recon

I know how you feel Empty, sad and lonely You try booze and pills but in the end you're empty Living life like a wounded child You've been deceived God's hand stretched across the sea For you and me Let's start to live L . . .
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Recon, an elite force Highly trained for war Armed and dangerous The enemy is no match For a warrior of God Come and join the soldiers of the light Be prepared to tread dangerous ground and to fight Behind enemy lines Be . . .
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Choose This Day  - Recon

Wasted time my friend Don't' you know we're in the bitter end He's coming back again To save us all from this world of sin Christ the Savior, He'll set you free Christ died for Sins Come and receive Rise It's your decisi . . .
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Eternal Destiny  - Recon

Right now a revelation Sweeping across the nations The end is near Crystal clear Seven years of tribulation Like a lion on the prowl The Devil's hungry for your soul There's a number 666 I beg you don't receive it 'cause . . .
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Lost Soldier  - Recon

Yes it's true you are a believer But you've been fooled by the lame deceiver Sex and dugs and rock n' roll The pleasures of life Will take it's toll on you And you know deep inside you can't hide You must try to Feel the . . .
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Take Us Away  - Recon

Lord take us away, we're looking to be set free For we believe Your word, that You'll return Like you said one day In a blink of an eye Trumpets will sound Dead in Christ will arise You will come back for your bride Take . . .
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'Recon' Christian Lyrics and Downloads