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Christian Music - "Reality Check"

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Apart From You  - Reality Check

in the rear view mirrorI now seethat I can't run away fromyour love for meis there any other wayapart from youno matter what I doI can't escape the truthis there any other wayapart from youyour strength can get me throug . . .
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Carousel  - Reality Check

in this world of make believemy eyes see what I want to seeI'm blinded with the simple liesso easily I justifythe sin that comes so naturallyis this all that I'll ever be?bring this madness to an enddon't let this cycle . . .
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Know You Better  - Reality Check

simply understandingyou see me when no one's aroundfrustration shows my patienceit seems I'll never get this rightto get to know you betterto love you more than myselfto give you everythingall of me, all of meI am humanI . . .
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Losing Myself  - Reality Check

today I want to get awayI want to go some placewhere I can pray andgo where the trees are tallwhere the water rushes to the fallsfly I want to fly awayto a place where they can't find meI want to see the starsthat shine . . .
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Midnnight Confessions  - Reality Check

pulling down strongholds labeled ascarnal desiresgot me crazy crossin' upmy wiresgot my feet dirty 'cause I'm splashin'in the puddlesgot me crazy no room for rebuttlesI let down my guard like Doug I got lazyhazy vision b . . .
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The Way I Am  - Reality Check

dimensions of intervention are needlessso i thinkstriving and thriving i see im drivingto the brinkavoiding annoying eternalcomplications destinationsunimportant constantly distortingmy relationsfrom patients to thoughts . . .
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Time Is Fading  - Reality Check

take time what's onyour mindeverybody's standingon another sideit's a chance forpersonal gainif you're gonna playon someoneelse's shametake time shareanother lifeperfect to the endand taking onour strifetake the time toc . . .
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'Reality Check' Christian Lyrics and Downloads