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Christian Music - "Randy Stonehill"

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Born To Love  - Randy Stonehill

everybody was born to love everybody was born to love broken-down hearts empty and dark like a ghost town we imitate life and run for the shadows in fear and only one true flame can melt away these chains the lig . . .
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Breath Of God  - Randy Stonehill

o breath of god come in and dwell please make my aching heart your home and use me well for you created me and named me as your own to know the wonder of your love and make it known o breath of god teach m . . .
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Can Hell Burn Hot Enough  - Randy Stonehill

postcards from bangkok hub of the eastern world where all the tourists come to party with the pretty girls they dance like sleepwalkers under the disco lights up on the auction block hating all the hungry eyes
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Faithful  - Randy Stonehill

when i was a boy i opened my eyes looking for the hand that moved the clouds across the sky and in my simple way i believed the one who turns the world around was reaching down for me chorus: and he's fai . . .
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History In Your Eyes  - Randy Stonehill

i can't say what you want to hear i can't give easy answers for your pain there are wounds time will not wash clean if we stood here forever in the rain i believe when we turn around and learn to love finally we fin . . .
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Keep Me Runnin'  - Randy Stonehill

keep me runnin' from the shadow of my lies like a gypsy who is never satisfied once you compromise your soul you spend a lifetime dodging the devil's toll but you keep me runnin' keep me coverin' up my tracks . . .
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Old Clothes  - Randy Stonehill

toys from my childhood old photographs left in this dusty old suitcase the things we once cherished are lost with the past seek out the treasure that always will last chorus: so i'm packing up my old cloth . . .
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Ramada Inn  - Randy Stonehill

north of the border where the cacti is scarce and thin there's a place without much taste they call ramada inn now ramada, it is a spanish name they brought it with them when they came and though the spanish have g . . .
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Shut De Do  - Randy Stonehill

shut de dó, keep out de debil shut de dó, keep de debil in de ni-eet shut de dó, keep out de debil light de candle everything's alright light de candle everything's alright when i was a b . . .
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Turning Thirty  - Randy Stonehill

i've got a house down by the ocean the rent is not too high and i love to watch the ships come in and hear the seagulls cry and lately i've been taking stock of all that i've been through oh tomorrow is my birthday . . .
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'Randy Stonehill' Christian Lyrics and Downloads