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Christian Music - "Manafest"

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Be Yourself  - Manafest

Verse I Be yourself man Be your own girl What you want huh?? Why you concerned Want to be a super star Like you got hot It dont rain Just rock Why not lets talk Of the days growing up things got tuff Grade 9 is so rough . . .
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Manafesto  - Manafest

Intro: Yeah huh what Alright cool Yeah huh what alright yeah what what, uh uh M.A.N.A FESTO, exposing light, and take aim what yeah Verse I Another cold night 360 flip swiftly down six hit me, is she busy? Ill call her a . . .
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Quit Thuggin'  - Manafest

Verse I Find myself with my mic in a tight spot There the type to pick a fight in the light or dark Sceneries turn mean they and mimic me Many men is thieves epidemically Calling names out whos gonna settle it They use f . . .
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Rockin' Me  - Manafest

Verse I Look at me, what you see? Is it him or me? Critics is dissing me hard was this meant to be? The feeling Im feeling is real, and its stealing, the meaning to stay in this field Many men of tried it, few have ever . . .
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Rodeo  - Manafest

Intro: Yo mana you ready man, youre on in 5 minutes dude, get your stuff get your DJ and go kill it Verse I Im like blow Step out on the stage like Im infamous Sound of a thousand kids screaming all into it Like you no m . . .
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Skills  - Manafest

Verse I See the light or get knocked off I dont talk a lot I drop it hot modern day psalmist topping charts Get me in my comfort at a concert For child hurts merging in the city clubs and outskirts Power the verse from t . . .
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Stressed Out  - Manafest

Intro: The pressures of life got me thinking again What ticked you off today, your boss, girlfriend, that same idiot at school? Verse I This world makes me upset like a bomb threat, my palms sweat I wanna get off it lock . . .
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U Don't Know Me  - Manafest

Verse I Freestyles and Hooks, exiled like crooks, baggy jeans my style judge by the looks Shook by parliament I mean society I in me starting this riot up inside of me I could by my own suit, and switch up my Tim Boots t . . .
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What I Got To Say  - Manafest

Intro: I got a story for yall, about two people, living different lifestyles, you never thought it would happen like this. Verse I There once was a lost boy living all annoyed All aboard let me take you on tour And trave . . .
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'Manafest' Christian Lyrics and Downloads