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Christian Music - "Man Alive"

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A Million People  - Man Alive

I'd stay another day If I could do so without feeling so ashamedDon't make me feel like I'm to blame for your demiseI won't just turn away from each manipulated, obvious mistakeAnd, no, I won't step over truth I can't de . . .
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Bleeding  - Man Alive

Just what am I supposed to sayWhen you rise up against me and it's clear I'm wrongAnd I can see it's all my fault It's just an everyday experience for meYet this one time I just can't seem To just get over this memory of . . .
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Maybe I'm Crazy  - Man Alive

A friend reminded me of you todayI couldn't help but wonder how you'd agedI wrote a letter that I plan on sending out tonightAnd I only hope you're turning out alrightI've got to say, I find it kinda strangeHow you and I . . .
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Reminder  - Man Alive

Been broken, I've been tornFelt exiled and alone. I've been astray.Yet all through this I've knownExactly where my home would still remainChorus:I've wasted so much time I've wasted all the fuel you gaveI never want to t . . .
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Trying To Pretend  - Man Alive

I've waited outside your doorToo long for it to make a difference anymoreThe things that I could do or sayTo make this state of mind of mine just go awayAre all goneChorus:And it's time to break up all this stony groundA . . .
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Work In Progress  - Man Alive

I feel you flow through my hairI see you in the morning glareI'm not frightenedI'm not scaredThey surround me but I don't careI believe it It's a startIt's a work in progressYeah, it's artChorus:I've got these words to s . . .
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Zeal  - Man Alive

I've learned enough of you to start to understandYou've learned enough of me to make you sickCan't agree on much anymoreCan't induct a common leaderCan't listen to five minutes of you speakDon't let me get in your wayDon . . .
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'Man Alive' Christian Lyrics and Downloads