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Christian Music - "Luna Halo"

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Aliens  - Luna Halo

Contact in my headWith these AliensPursuing my controlHow did I Let inThese poison thoughts againCan I finally let them goCome step inside my mindCome step inside my mindI'd give EverythingTo be myself againBut I Need yo . . .
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Complacent  - Luna Halo

Stop, can we start againAnd rewind the hands'Cause they move too fastI'd do it all againJust to have you hereTo relive the pastI don't know how long I can takeWatching you just walk awayFrom the truth that you have known . . .
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Forgiveness  - Luna Halo

It felt like rainThat fell againDown on meIt felt like rainThat touched my faceAnd I can't believe itLike rainI can't believe itNo I can't believe itThe things You saidSeem to find their way back into my headAnd I regret . . .
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Hang on to you  - Luna Halo

And I'll hang on to You'Cause You're strongerAnd You keep me from fallingAnd You brighten the worldWith Your beauty Keep me closerI'm callingLooking out like a little childHolding tight when it all gets wildAnd I'll hang . . .
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So Far  - Luna Halo

So far your hands are left wantingYou fall downIn search of your callingYour fascinations ledTo these myths inside your headInfatuations deadYou turn around insteadAnd try to understand the things they've saidSome might . . .
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Superman  - Luna Halo

SupermanThat's what you want me to be, yeahTo be your everythingI only wish you could see, yeahIf I could flyFrom all the pain and the fearTell me whyWhy would I be standing here, yahI can't be everythingBut I know the O . . .
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The Way to your heart  - Luna Halo

I don't knowIf I have to shake you just to wake youFrom this dreamThat it seems you're livingAnd I don't knowIf I could ever push you hard enough to move youFrom the place your head isYoure living a lieAnd I think it's t . . .
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Wait for you  - Luna Halo

My skin feels strangeLike there's something underneathLocked in these chainsHow I ache to be freeDancing shadowsCall me closerBut still I'm waitingUntil the sun stands still againUntil the earth reversesUntil my eyes can . . .
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'Luna Halo' Christian Lyrics and Downloads