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Christian Music - "Lenny Leblanc"

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A Shadow In Your Light  - Lenny Leblanc

Let me be a shadow of Your light Just a small reflection of a greater love Let me be a shadow in Your light That falls on the lost and the lonely All that I am I lay at the cross No sacrifice too great a cost So down on . . .
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Above All  - Lenny Leblanc

Above all powers above all kings Above all nature and all created things Above all wisdom and all the ways of man You were here before the world began Above all kingdoms above all thrones Above all wonders the world has . . .
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I Dance  - Lenny Leblanc

When I'm alone with You Lord My troubles seem to disappear And the peace that comforts me Always comes when You are near And Your love's too much for my heart to contain Joy too much that my feet won't refrain So I danc . . .
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Love You Forever - Lenny Leblanc

You came like the wind Took me to a mountain From a valley of sin And my soul patiently waits For I long to be near You Jesus Savior You changed the rhythm of my heart And I will praise You Long after the rivers all run . . .
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Rainbow Song  - Lenny Leblanc

If I was a rainbow I'd show my colors for You If I was a songbird I'd sing my song for You And if You take the sun and the moon Take away the stars at night Your faithful Word will always be my light Beautiful such a mi . . .
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That's Why I'm Here  - Lenny Leblanc

I didn't come here to sing about the devil I came to praise the name of the Lord I'm here to tell you once I was a rebel I've been delivered by the power of His Word That's why I'm here To lift up His Name Tell the whol . . .
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What A Wonder  - Lenny Leblanc

You give hope to the hopeless You give faith to the faithless Your love comes through Like the morning light You give grace to the humble And have mercy on the merciful This world's never seen anybody like You O what a . . .
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You Are The One I Love  - Lenny Leblanc

Nobody else could've changed my heart Nobody else could've saved me Picked up the pieces when I fell apart I'm so glad You changed me You are the One that I love Light of the world sent from above Sing hallelujah shout . . .
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'Lenny Leblanc' Christian Lyrics and Downloads

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