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Christian Music - "Kathy Troccoli"

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Different Road  - Kathy Troccoli

I’ve traveled long I’ve traveled hard And stumbled many times along the way I’ve bruised my knees a lot And turned my back on God And seen His mercy I’ve been quick to judge And slow to lea . . .
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He'll Never Leave Me  - Kathy Troccoli

I've let Him down before Broken His heart don't know what for And yet to me He's still the same He's faithful and He'll never change And I know He'll never take his love away Chorus: He'll never leave me I know ho . . .
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I'm Gonna Fight For You  - Kathy Troccoli

You are not alone, He is here You know you're dear to His heart I wouldn't lie to you, oh He'll come He has known the pain you're going through And faithful is the Lord In the darkest hours of night To keep the fla . . .
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That's How Much I Love You  - Kathy Troccoli

I died for you I'd do it all again if I had to To show you what you really mean to Me I cried for you I hung on the cross so you wouldn't have to I made a way to set your spirit free CHORUS: That's how much . . .
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'Kathy Troccoli' Christian Lyrics and Downloads