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Christian Music - "Johnny Q. Public"

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As I Pray  - Johnny Q Public

Stay here and keep watch over me as I prayMy soul is overwhelmed, death becomes meWatch and pray that you will not fall into temptationThe spirit is willing, but the body is weak, so weakI fall to my face in the garden-C . . .
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Big Top  - Johnny Q Public

Painted expressions filling the standsAre the best at twisting animal balloonsAnd it's so funny watching the magicianPulling big green rabbits out of little leather pouchesUnder the Big Top there's a tickle in my earIt's . . .
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Black Ice  - Johnny Q Public

All the time in the worldFreely express yourselfKids will be kidsLive and let live-CHORUS-Black ice, pretend it's not thereBlack ice, yeah'Cause you don't believe it's thereDon't mean it's not thereIt's thereSaving grace . . .
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Body Be  - Johnny Q Public

My eyes can't help my earsMy ears can't seeWhy do I try this wayThere's probably something wrong with meIf I can't see that something's wrongWhen all my pieces become piecesAnd not all one-CHORUS-Then where, where would . . .
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Know  - Johnny Q Public

It's right out thereShining in the airIt's almost beyond our graspI'm afraid if we waitWe won't be able to get it back'Cause where there's life, there's hopeWhere there's hope, there's got to be some innocenceSome innoce . . .
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Preacher's Kid  - Johnny Q Public

I'm staring through glassStained by insecurities and hurtI'm wondering, and I've got lots of questionsBut no answers whyDaddy is the pastor of this churchSeems to be his only outBesides basketball on the TVBasketball on . . .
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Reader's Digest  - Johnny Q Public

Alice is a drag queenBowie, something in betweenOther bands are looking meanMe, I'm trying to stay cleanI don't dig the radioI hate what the chart's pickRock and Roll may not be deadBut it's getting sickAll over the worl . . .
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Secret Trees  - Johnny Q Public

-CHORUS-You can't seeSpecks beyond the treesBut I'll forgiveIf you forgetThrow your first stoneYou're a big man, make your standYou've done nothing wrongAre you sure, think again'Cause I know a secretI know a secretI kno . . .
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Serve Somebody  - Johnny Q Public

You may be an ambassador to England or FranceYou may like to gamble, you might like to danceYou may be the heavyweight champion of the worldYou might be a socialite with a long string of pearls-CHORUS-But you're gonna ha . . .
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Women Of Zion  - Johnny Q Public

Outstretched neckYou flirt with your eyesWalking arrogantly alongWith ornamented disguiseTherefore the Lord will bring sores-CHORUS-Bald womenYou should have been humbleBald womenYou should have been smarterBald womenYou . . .
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'Johnny Q. Public' Christian Lyrics and Downloads