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Christian Music - "Holland"

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Because Of You  - Holland

I guess I packed my bags and gleft so fastYou always said I had places to goThe way I feel in Tennessee is that I lost my familyAnd everything I've always knownAnd memories keep falling down on meOf different times when . . .
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Call It A Day  - Holland

It's hard to say goodbye when I never got the chance I missed the mark on where to stop, And now we just can't start again And I know that this ain't easy, But I'm giving it a shot To carry on since you've been gone Take . . .
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Take another shot at me andSee what I'll turn out to beCause I'm not giving upThere's no such luckI don't need a getaway,An easy out, another dayYou've not got the best of meJust wait and seeThe situations more complexAn . . .
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Losing Jim  - Holland

And I cry until I bleedAnd red is all I seeHolding on,dead and goneNo miracle rehearsedCould take a way this curseSwollen eyes,hung to dryLose your last hope,beginning to chokeAll I can take is thrown in my faceI know yo . . .
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One Minute To Zero  - Holland

Could this be true? Could this be right for you To second-guess yourself? You've made your mistakes How long will it take? To see that you can't do this on your own? One minute to zero and I'm laying down the law One min . . .
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Shine Like Stars  - Holland

Feels like there's something in the air And I hope my head explodes Once more whisper in my ear Cause I wont let this go again Frustrated, motivated, you're underneath my skin Descending, never ending, well make it to th . . .
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The Whole World  - Holland

Leave, just walk out the door. Don't look back for more. Don't look back for more. Stay where your heart will not break Find what your looking for. Find what your looking for. Just hold your breath and wait for this one . . .
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'Holland' Christian Lyrics and Downloads