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Christian Music - "Evelynn"

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1020 Holly  - Evelynn

this is truly a gift it gives me life why do you keep trying to take this from me this is truly a gift it gives me life why do you keep trying to take this from me thats ok my joy comes from above thats ok my joy comes f . . .
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ERoad  - Evelynn

set your ways to the sky the rain will wash your past away don't let your pride go to your bubble of bone dont let your selfish cause cloud your mind its not worth the trouble righteousness will be your victory the tears . . .
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Mal Content  - Evelynn

shut your mouth stop complaining you wont be content with anything whatever your circumstance your life just goes on about how things suck if you want to know what I have to give the truth is just past your nose the bloo . . .
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Smiley Face  - Evelynn

you are my love my daddy. this is my new song im grinning with the thought of my Jesus i cant explain the incredible love im singing joyfully for you . . .
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Truth Beloved  - Evelynn

Christ is the truth he is the only way everything else is a waste of time he will make it all ok and wrap you up in his arms i give all my praise to jesus . . .
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'Evelynn' Christian Lyrics and Downloads