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Christian Music - "End Of Destiny"

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An Illness To Call Your Own  - End Of Destiny

Shriek your vanity's spawned from boredom a cheap excuse for attention ignoring blessings embracing all thats wrong you would stab your heart for a sympathetic word force fed your problems every day we cry for you so afr . . .
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Cast Me Out  - End Of Destiny

I killed myself today I lost my pride in a pool of blood God please vomit my lukewarm rebellious heart I've led myself away from you so cast me out My pride has become my God God please cast me out of this vessel that I . . .
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Luxury Suicide  - End Of Destiny

Another life wasted heads in the artificial clouds of death you were so convinced that death would choose another you gambled your life for a luxury I remember the day they told us our time would be cut short I was young . . .
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New Hampshire  - End Of Destiny

Consumption of Love Destruction of Home you broke their legs before they could walk you broke them down you broke them drunkard married to addiction your scars break the barriers of death and touch the generations after . . .
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The Day The World Fell Down  - End Of Destiny

I woke up this morning and realized that the entire world had fallen down everyone died in the aftermath there were no survivors I stood in the distance and didn't do a thing a testament to the fact that I was never ther . . .
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The Gospel  - End Of Destiny

From the heavens to the earth He came to save the zombies from the flames Death reigns supreme upon the earth this death deals in hell there's no real way to save yourself doomed by the hand of our second father the curs . . .
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'End Of Destiny' Christian Lyrics and Downloads