'Dream Quest' Christian Lyrics and Downloads

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Christian Music - "Dream Quest"

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Eeny Meeny Miny Die  - Dream Quest

Smokey fields with secrets yieldWhat you can't fix your eyes onThe darkened sky cannot be pryedApart from the horizon... and so this is lifeIt will go anywhereIndifferent of a begger's lamentationSome trees rot awayOther . . .
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Forgiv'r  - Dream Quest

You think I don't know there's a spike in my eye?It fell from a hole in the skyQuite uninvited, refusing to leaveNow it digs in further and furtherLooking for answers I know I'm a fraudI know I can't win them allI can't . . .
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Magnified  - Dream Quest

A story into legendBrave man into a heroDisorder into chaosA mortal man becomesA hellspawn or an angelAnd all is differentEvery thing has changedPut your ear to the groundCapture every soundOf transmutationAn amplificati . . .
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SoƱar Con Aventura  - Dream Quest

Slow downBrain is letting goI'm tired of being awakeI find I'm floating at an incredible rateCan't help but be overcomeParalyzed by wonderDry rain and silent thunderPainting the deep of my mindA world of surpriseCoral ca . . .
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I wakeI driveI seal the anger insideEveryday, a little moreBuilding on what was beforeCome and go, one to knowRed EyesEverywhere I goI see him staring back at meAnd I can see his Red Eyes sending painwavesCrushing me, cr . . .
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'Dream Quest' Christian Lyrics and Downloads