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Christian Music - "Destroy The Runner"

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Columbia  - Destroy The Runner

We all learn from our failures I never thought I could fall this far - So far from you With no desire to look back I'll embrace this forever Divorcing my adoration As death marches to the grave We all learn from our mist . . .

My Darkness  - Destroy The Runner

I see those hands You see those hearts Some are slow to believe Give me rest from this world It's going to kill me Inside I'm falling apart, what will save me? I never knew I was so dead until I met you It's almost over . . .

Pallbearer  - Destroy The Runner

The darkest words, the darkest thoughts You left me now I'm so lost How can this pain be taken away? How can this be in your own name? I swear even the dead want you alive One last kiss as we say our goodbyes Save us fro . . .

Saints  - Destroy The Runner

This was my call to your arms Sounding silent alarms Will you love me when you hear me lie? This last time I've seen a sea of change This fleeting love that leaves me alone This last time Lift me now from this pain You k . . .

Thoughts In Reverse  - Destroy The Runner

I feel it taking over everything inside of me And I'm losing control Weakness in my chest My heart stops beating Flat lined and I'm in between This is my struggle This is emptiness Closer and closer again I feel it happe . . .

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'Destroy The Runner' Christian Lyrics and Downloads