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Christian Music - "Day Of Fire"

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Adrianne  - Day Of Fire

Instrumental . . .
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Cornerstone  - Day Of Fire

All other ground is sinking sand A dying maze of desert land Where darkness rules the heart of man Till the Son shines light on him Lord of all, show You're strong On our knees we fall Be a Cornerstone, be a Cornerstone . . .
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Detainer  - Day Of Fire

Hey, what’s it gonna take to bring you homeHey, what’s it gonna take to break that holdChorus:If you want it,If you want it if you want itThen let goIf you want itIf you want it if you want it then let goHe . . .
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I am the Door  - Day Of Fire

You said you would have but u couldn’t let goYou said you should have but you needed some moreI know you would have, if you could have it allYou said you would have, but you needed, needed some moreYou need a way, . . .
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Jacob's Dream  - Day Of Fire

Well it's time to head out Gotta find my place to rest Before the sun goes down In the darkness of the west If I rest my head Would I have to lay upon the stone If I rest my head would I lay to rest alone Well it's time . . .
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Rain Song  - Day Of Fire

Bring rivers in this wastelandClouds into this skyBring springs of life into the wells that have been run dryRise up in this cityGather in this lightFall down on your peopleYour glory and your lifeRainLord we thirst for . . .
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Reap and Sow  - Day Of Fire

I’m sick of walking in your bad dreamsI’m tired of talking up your dancings Its time for me to take a rideAnd turn it aroundIt's time for you to realize thatI’m gonna scream it in your mainstreamIâ . . .
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Through The Fire  - Day Of Fire

Walk in the flame again,I’ll be there to hold your hand,Keeping you safe until the endAnd when the flood begins,I’ll be there with you to stand,Walking in faith until the endChorus:I see you through the flo . . .
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To Fly  - Day Of Fire

Every morning there’s a warning that you followIt's getting harder you knowTo fill the moments of the morningThey’re so hollowFill up on empty and goAnd every morning there’s a brokenness you swallow . . .
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'Day Of Fire' Christian Lyrics and Downloads