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Christian Music - "Circleslide"

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Love Unfailing  - Circleslide

Anybody else feel tired? Everybody suffers under grey skies When clouds surround my soul And I feel so alone Your spirit moves in my heart I'm callin' out your name I'm cryin' out for mercy Love unfailing fall on me I'm . . .
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My Reward  - Circleslide

I live in a dusty town Just about an hour south of nowhere And I dream about the stars and all the flying cars I've seen in movies It makes me want to go now into the future I want to sail off into the future I want to f . . .
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Uncommon Days  - Circleslide

Wake up wake up slowly To the sound of bad news every morning Morning, morning coffee if I could only get back,...back to dreaming Sweet sweet dreams Up above me I see stars that shine and theyrre so far away They whispe . . .
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Walking On The Waves  - Circleslide

Tell me tell me tell me that you'll never leave Sing it to my heart lord, help me to believe Like Peter in the storm I sink into the sea I look into your eyes, I realize there's no where else I'd rather be It's the sweet . . .
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Weather Boy  - Circleslide

Ocean's raging Planet dying Poison in the sky Pistols blazing Missiles flying Children wonder why I can't believe it's over 'Cause love can endure the weather C'mon, C'mon don't cry love, it's alright C'mon, C'mon don't . . .
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'Circleslide' Christian Lyrics and Downloads