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Christian Music - "Chris Rodriguez"

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Beggar's Paradise  - Chris Rodriguez

I've heard it said before you got to look hard You got to find the door and you will see A bigger love will be revealed to you The simple truth will set you free, well I'm Desperate, broken down, out of touch I need . . .
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I'll Stay There  - Chris Rodriguez

Think I was born For such a time as this And I can't ignore this brutal war That still exists You've been there Every moment through the fray Whisper your heart to me and I'll carry on Like a flower in this deser . . .
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Magdalene  - Chris Rodriguez

she is cloaked in morning's darkness magdalena now running to the tomb her heart is so consumed the stone is rolled away wherein lies my master the one who brought to me such life can you tell me why you're . . .
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Mercy Day  - Chris Rodriguez

promise; something to be expected written on the inside of me i am waiting today like a song so familiar like a fire at its embers i am burning today chorus: mercy day; just a drop in the ocean a ne . . .
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Retreat  - Chris Rodriguez

i have hurt you with a bullet from my tongue my eyes have fired a shot much like a gun i want to undo the things i've done but i'm paralysed the sword that i use is worn with rust these weapons of war should . . .
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Valley Road  - Chris Rodriguez

the moon is hanging by a thread as i stare from my kitchen and she's holding out her hand to me a lifeline, a chance to put things back together again something feels right this time a wind is moving through my soul . . .
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Walk You To The Sun  - Chris Rodriguez

if you're ready or not the time is right to head up to the sky baby it's our shot lets make the most of it darling don't you cry be glad ; say a goodbye to all your sadness daylight's just begun i'll walk you to the s . . .
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'Chris Rodriguez' Christian Lyrics and Downloads