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Christian Music - "Brian Littrell"

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Angels And Heroes  - Brian Littrell

We are the poets, we are the dreamers We are the soldiers, we are the screamers We are the fallen to rise again We are the lovers, we are the cynics We are the hours, we are the minutes We are all friends in the end . . .
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Gone Without Goodbye  - Brian Littrell

Have you seen my son? Not too tall, five-eight She held up a color copy photograph from his wedding day This is his pregnant wife Carrying his last dream He walked down 46 floors before he felt the rush The rush of . . .
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Grace Of My Life  - Brian Littrell

I lie awake so often at night With something to read or something to write In the silence my mind is free To think of the ways that God has blessed me It's easy to see how He's been so kind Any proof I might . . .
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Im Alive  - Brian Littrell

I lived a lot of life I caught a dream or two It's been a sweet ride But I've faced my share of nights Searched like we all do Looking inside Now I'm standing here 'Cause You've made it clear . . .
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Jesus Loves You  - Brian Littrell

Baylee: I wanna hear Jesus Loves You Daddy. 1, 2, 3, go! All my life I've heard Him say Jesus loves you! I dropped down on my knees to pray Jesus loves you! I asked Him to come into me Jesus loves you! From . . .
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Keep Givin Me  - Brian Littrell

So many reasons to be thankful So many blessings that I can't repay And I never would've made it here without You Sending angels to guide me on my way You keep givin' me joy You keep givin' me happiness You . . .
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My Answer Is You  - Brian Littrell

There's a world of difference when faith is in a heart It stands out like sunlight Life becomes so dark And when those around me ask me why I dare to dream Or why I love or why I sing My answer is You . . .
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We Lift You Up  - Brian Littrell

When I think of all the things that God has done for me And how my faith has always conquered adversity I stand amazed to think that God really knows who I am And to think that within me there is a master plan And at . . .
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'Brian Littrell' Christian Lyrics and Downloads