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Christian Music - "All Star United"

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I Need You Now  - All Star United

When worlds collide Then drift away I will cling to the pieces The ones that point at the way to go More than anything I want You to know So here I am Cold and afraid I'm not the kind to cry Jesus Or put my heart on para . . .
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La La Land  - All Star United

The question isn't whether it's trueThe question is it working for you?Marshmallow skies And custardy piesAnd nothing's too hard to doThey're five happy verses or soThey told me all I needed to knowIgnore all the restTri . . .
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Popular Americans  - All Star United

From New York City to the Golden Gate,The Great Lakes to the Rio GrandeThere's a hip new feelingThat we're awfully appealingTo the universal common manSo get in lineIf you'd like to shake our hands(Chorus:)We're the ones . . .
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Put Your Arms Around Me  - All Star United

I heard it from a friend Who heard it from anotherShe said she liked the way I smiled at You in Monterey I have more hights than lows And we could add them up But we'd be running out of fingers and toes Oh well, on good . . .
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Saviour Of My Universe  - All Star United

don't propose that we preserveAll the world inside a fragile ball of glass'Cause I'm the first to throw the curveBringin' all that perfect ball down in a crashOh, it's that feelin' comin' back againTurnin' earth around a . . .
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Smash Hit  - All Star United

All he needed was PRA million box of business cardsCareful image consultationSecuring reputation A clever market planHe didn't understandThat's all it really takesHe could have played for higher stakes NowSomehowWe've go . . .
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Thank You Goodnight  - All Star United

O Lord, it's embarrassingI have been a cause for concernHallelujah all the angels singWhen castaways choose to returnAnd so before this sun setsI will rest with no regretsI'm ending with a phraseThank You, goodnightAt th . . .
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'All Star United' Christian Lyrics and Downloads