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Christian Music - "3rd Root"

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Crawling  - 3rd Root

crawling souls lost inquisitive creep'n souls but step check creep but they mock me as they run around i wont fall down to they ways of this world's lies beneath your loving throne stop the voices in my head cries of sou . . .
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Fly  - 3rd Root

before i was soul fly and i willbut i am one with the one that's oneand as a child we now flyforever, forever, foreverflyand why can't they find you 'cause i didand i am one with the one that's oneand as a child i now fl . . .
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My Soul  - 3rd Root

our souls are free but i now can see that my soul oh LORD united souls shall be so free through you but rip my soul erased in wickedness hear my cry cease my pain there you lay galatians 6:17from here hence forth let no . . .
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Prophets Eye  - 3rd Root

so where you at prophetback up off the front linedon't disrespect JESUS crush your chestyour feighning on usfear'n us hear'n uspestilence contagious infectiouscrushin you chest cavityleaving you dead and numbyet with the . . .
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Rise  - 3rd Root

and i will risewith the GOD of loveand you will shinein the spirit i criedonce twined to this worldthat i don't deny he shallrise, rise, risebreak the bonesrise, rise, risebreak the bones and you shinecheck one, two . . .
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Sangre  - 3rd Root

sangre en el nombre de el padre y el espirito santo santificado sea tu nombre pero yo recuerdo sangre de mi padre vida eternidad clavos en tus manos raices de mi raices y yo recuerdo la sangre y yo recuerdo el amor y yo . . .
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Some People  - 3rd Root

so pure to me 'cause sometimes i want to runaway but i'll stay 'cause your love is so pure to me and i try to tell but they just won't listen 'cause some people run away sky oh LORD is so pure to me a . . .
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Wah Wah  - 3rd Root

just don't say noi just wanna playand can you even seeeyes closed but they talk to me'cause i know of a place that i trustif you could only seeeyes closed but they talk to me soit just doesn't matter anymoresacred'cause . . .
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'3rd Root' Christian Lyrics and Downloads